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Franchise Territory Optimisation

Franchise Territory Optimisation

Global Territory Mapping Software & Franchise Territory Design & Location Planning Services


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* Identify & Create New Territories

* Analyse & Optimise Existing Territories

* Present & Sell Territories Easier

* Identify Optimum Outlet Locations

Whether you need professional advice on territory creation or a clear understanding as to why some territories perform better than others, we can help. Tech4T can provide your business with a new optimum territory network – mapped with the right demographics or business statistics, and/or supply the very best mapping software to create and manage territories and deliver location intelligence. Tech4T offer you over 20 years expertise to maximise the value of your brand.

Territory Runner

Our easy-to-use territory mapping and data visualisation software works anywhere in the world. With it you can:

  • Load existing or design new territories or trade-zones for franchising
    or licensing, using Postcodes, zip codes, admin districts, etc.,
    or even by simply drawing shapes on a map by hand
  • Plot and select the ideal locations for retail outlets
  • Understand demographics within territories and in catchment areas
  • Present and share territories with potential buyers
  • Optimise, improve or restructure existing territories
  • Uncover opportunity hot-spots within territories with heat-maps
  • Undertake prospecting visually and select direct from the map
  • Print maps to PDF at any size


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Territory Runner


We have been working with Tech4T for quite some time now, they have always been great at getting back to us in a timely manner and accommodating our needs. We recently updated our territory maps using their new Territory Runner system. We currently have 6 countries mapped on it and looking to add more. Each country has a specific set of demographic and balancing requirements due to their variations in culture and geography.

Tech4T was great at looking for the best territory design solution for each country. We worked together until it was exactly what we were looking for. The team loves the Territory Runner system, it is easy to navigate and a great tool for reviewing territories with potential franchisees. As it is interactive, we can create exclusive Share Maps for each candidate facilitating the sales and management process and keeping information up to date.

Fiorella Alva – Franchise Development Assistant Manager, Tutor Doctor

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