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Location Planning & Analysis

Location planning for retail, restaurants, takeaways and service centres

Physical outlets represent a major investment, so it is vital that the chosen site is in a prime location to suit your target market. Location planning should take account of the demographic make-up of the surrounding population, competitor activity and market saturation which will all  impact sales.

Tech4T combine location analytics with customer, competitor and demographic data to map out any existing outlets, pin point the optimum locations for new stores and identify the best areas for marketing activity locally.   Drive or walk time catchment areas around a proposed location can be calculated.  Competitors can be plotted and their likely impact assessed as well as any likely cannibalisation of existing outlets (taking trade from them).

Whether you’re seeking new sites, want to streamline a branch network or need to know where best to distribute your brand. Tech4T’s retail location planning and mapping services and software will bring objectivity and transparency to your decisions, and better results for you and your organisation.Retail location planning analysis. Retail travel distances

Your objective may be to maximise market share, suggesting a high footfall mass-market location, or to maximise profitability, potentially a lower volume of higher value and higher margin sales at lower cost.

There may be opportunities to increase profitability by consolidating two existing stores into one alternative retail location or expanding to new sites where cannibalisation risk is minimised.

Whatever your objective, Tech4T understand the drivers of success relative to your sector and help you select the most suitable locations.

We evaluate in-depth customer and regional data to give you a solid foundation on which to make sound investment decisions.  Our retail location planning analysis work, will identify otherwise unseen trends and relationships to guide the future of your organisation. This is vital when bricks and mortar decisions need to be made as the repercussions can be felt for years to come.

The performance of existing sites in relation to the surrounding population can be bench marked,  and we can establish the size of your market and  your share of it, understand where your competitors are located and how they impact your trade. Our findings will show you at a glance where there are under-serviced areas you can take advantage of.

Retail location planning analysis using catchment onesWe do retail location planning analysis work in any industry sector, either regionally, UK-wide or internationally, focusing on key gaps in network coverage, or on a single town or city earmarked for expansion. We quantify how many outlets are required to achieve optimal coverage and exactly where best to locate them.

We are very responsive to client needs and always take the time to fully understand your goals. We are also very flexible in our offerings, and can tailor our approach and deliverables to suit your business requirements and budget. Additionally we can assist with finding vacant properties, working closely with estates specialists to identify available properties that may otherwise be missed.