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Field Sales Force Optimisation

Sales territory optimisation – improve productivity and revenue from your field team and sales force. Keep territories aligned to your sales quotas, opportunities and visit workload.

Use territory runner, custom designed to match your business data, to improve sales and territory planning Use Tech4T’s online Territory Runner system, custom designed to match your business and its data. Improve sales and territory planning and create and edit territories using postcode allocation or hand drawn boundaries

Some of the challenges facing any company operating a Field Sales, Key Accounts or National Accounts team include how best to size, structure, position and map territories.

You may also wish to align skills to customer types, optimise compensation of field operatives, design the correct sales territory structure and help the teams plan and schedule their time more effectively – all whilst taking account of new lead volumes.

For sales territory optimisation this includes identifying and visiting more of the right kind of customers and prospects so territory coverage is maximised and sales potential is increased – faster and at lower cost.

Sales territory optimisation. Right sizing field teams

For key or national accounts it’s all about developing and preserving relationships, then optimising face-2-face selling time. Often fresh data, customer insights and a number of small changes will deliver a major gain, but knowing the right levers to pull is where Tech4T’s consultancy, operational skills and territory and postcode mapping software will help.

We offer very affordable sales force optimisation (SFO) solutions, drilling deep into your data to uncover insights that will help those operating in the field work more productively.

“Doing an area manager rebalance for over 850 sites throughout the UK and Ireland is quite a daunting task. Following a few telephone conversations with the team at Tech4T to discuss their methodology, I was convinced the team could work at speed and deliver the requirements on time and in full.

poundlandI am really pleased with the output which will have an immensely positive impact on our operational efficiency.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Tech4T for when it comes to sales team and territory alignment. Thank you”

Chris McCandless. Director of Central Operations, Poundland.

We determine optimal contact strategies with the right customers, evaluate resource capacity and capability, and identify where to recruit or realign territories following staff changes. Overall we align sales potential to the field force in such a way to get you more sales at less cost – way beyond what software solutions can deliver.

Optimising the field force aligns the right internal and external sales staff to the right customers and prospects

Optimising the field sales force aligns the right internal and external teams to the right customers, prospects and sites

Even if you have already adjusted customer segmentation, sales structures or mapped out territories in-house, our discovery framework, which optionally includes FastStats technology, will help your business, whatever its size, get to the facts fast – usually identifying areas where significant further improvement can be made and providing a road map for the future.

We cope with the reality of complex data and sales structures, deploying logistics, analytics, BI and territory mapping to give you a solid foundation for reliable decision making, improved planning and more productive field teams and territories.

Sales territory optimisation – driven by business process consultancy, predictive and spatial analytics, our sales territory optimisation work answers questions such as…

  • Which customers offer the greatest sales potential? What is their profile and where are they?
  • What size and type of field force is needed to meet our sales or site visit targets?Sales Territory Optimisation - field sales and service team improvement. Territory restructuring, territory mapping, field team sizing, customer potential modelling, route scheduling...
  • How should accounts or sites be aligned with different field teams?
  • How best to grade and assign warm and cold leads to internal and external teams?
  • How should the internal sales and marketing function dovetail with the field force?
  • Where are the optimum locations to base the field team – and should they work from multiple locations?
  • If I could start from scratch, how many territories would I need to maximise prospect or site coverage? How does this compare with my current territory structure?
  • How do I schedule the field team to get round more visits in less time?
  • How can I rationalise territories or restructure multi-layered field teams?
  • How can I spot high value customers thinking of defecting to my competitors – plugging leakage?

And for HR, a common question is “where geographically do we recruit new field operatives, or indeed should we recruit?” Maybe a restructure or reassessment of market potential and staff performance will deliver increased revenue with a lower cost base. Tech4T partner HR and sales management to deliver insights and SFO that help you evaluate the options. 

In a nutshell, customer or site potential will be scientifically projected, trading patterns analysed to identify who to visit, why and when, and sales and business goals will be underpinned by the right sized field team and optimised territory structure.

And we can guide your field team by identifying who to visit (or call), when and why – optionally delivering prioritised customer lifecycle ‘Targeting Insights’ through your CRM or our Territory Runner system. This can be deployed centrally with planning information distributed through ‘Explorer’ web pages that show interactive maps, coloured markers depicting who to visit and why, new localised prospects and optimised routing options to help your team maximise their productivity in the field.

From SMEs through to larger organisations, any company operating a field team of any size will benefit from our field sales and territory optimisation work.

…and find out how our SFO skills, data and technology of the right kind will help your field team improve performance, increase sales and extend sales territory coverage.

Testimonial – Sales Territory Planning, Design and Mapping
BSI Logo“I inherited a UK sales team across 12 UK territories, the territories themselves had been created and changed incrementally over a number of years with little thought or analysis. To improve sales performance I sought to restructure the territories and set about finding a consultant to help me, I whittled it down to 3 companies (including a very well-known UK organisation) and selected Tech4T because of 3 main reasons:

  • The company’s expertise and detailed knowledge.
  • The excellent value for money they offered.
  • The bespoke service they were able to provide.

The Tech4T team did a fantastic job at reviewing our territories and providing useful and practical recommendations both on territory optimisation and on our data management. The changes to the territories contributed to our success as a sales team and the data management feedback contributed to my business case for a major overhaul of our CRM. All in all a valuable, cost-efficient and expert service.”

Penny Townsend, National Sales Manager, BSI 

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