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Field Force Assessment

Field force assessment, market and territory evaluation

Could your field teams be getting more sales or be more efficient?

The odds are that the answer is yes. But the bigger question is how.

Territory evaluation. Some of the factors that can affect field sales performance

Some of the factors that can affect field sales performance

  • More visits?
  • Different customer or product focus?
  • Reallocation of selling time?
  • Finding more prospects?
  • Adjusting the team headcount?
  • Varying the territory boundaries?

Our goal with field force assessment is to benchmark how things currently work and set the base line on which to measure change. We identify where structure, targeting or operational change could be beneficial and to what extent.

We do this by first asking the right questions. Typically our clients ask 30% and Tech4T ask the rest. This ensures the right data is collected, built into a robust data foundation and analysed in the right way to identify which actions will have the greatest impact.

For instance, some of the areas we investigate include:

  • Identifying the geographic spread of customers by type and value to your business, areas of growth potential and any gaps in market coverage
  • High value customers that are no longer trading, or not trading to the same level as previous
  • Assessing team proximity to the customers delivering the most income to your business and the visit frequencies made
  • Comparing differentials between reps activities and distances traveled to spot where excessive travel occurs or where there is a struggle to fit in new prospect visits
  • Seeing if multiple reps or sales support staff are dealing with the same customer and who makes the sale
  • Understanding where the ‘cost to serve’ specific customers using the field channel is too high relative to profitable income
Field sales assessment and territory evaluation. Star and territory map identifies the relationship between reps or service teams, their customers and territory structure

A star and territory map clearly identify the relationships between reps or service teams, their customers and territory structures. In this example both territory and field team structures are hugely inefficient

This is our starting point to help clients improve the planning, structure and resulting efficiency and effectiveness of reps (or agents), key account and national account teams, and their territories. Using our proven proprietary framework, we blend data integration, predictive and spatial analytics to identify relationships and anomalies that would be very difficult and time consuming to discover any other way. Typically our field force assessment leads to:

  • The integration of disparate data sources and standardisation of data definitions to not only provide the foundation for accurate analysis, but also to feed back to you an improved 360 degree view of your customers and your business
  • Refined customer segmentation, better targeting and improved activity plans driven by sales potential
  • Realignment of accounts to telesales, field sales, key accounts or national accounts teams
  • Better planning to ensure the optimum number of visits are being made without the team being over committed
  • Making sure the team’s skill-set and product knowledge match the customer types and needs to whom they are assigned
  • Recommended changes to the field team structure or their base locations to maximise visits to the right customers and hit quotas
  • Ensuring the sales team are correctly incentivised to adhere to any refinement in the way they work, closing more sales

Fresh insights to steer sales performance

Use the insights gained from the field sales (or field force) assessment, market and territory evaluation with confidence, knowing you are making decisions on a fully informed basis when planning change to better support sales – improving targeting and visit planing activities, determining the right size and make up of the field sales team and optimising the structure of your territories.

Territory evaluation. Some of the outputs from an analytical assessment

Sample outputs from a Field Sales Assessment

‘Clean sheet’ territory optimisation

Optionally we can also undertake what we term a ‘clean sheet’ territory optimisation. This compares your current territory structure against ‘an ideal structure’ that maximises customer and prospect coverage, but ignores any existing rep locations.

Take the first step towards field force optimisation, finding out what works well, what doesn’t and where small changes can make a big impact. Contact us or call 01733 890790 today for an informal chat.

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