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About Tech4T

Tech4T help you:

* Design/realign optimal territory structures  * Extend your sales coverage
* Improve retail site location planning  * Increase field team productivity
* Maximise customer understanding and optimise prospect targeting

Tech4T turn data into the intelligence that will significantly increase sales revenue, substantiate business change and improve activity planning.

Tech4T apply analysis-driven insights and location-enriched intelligence to increase territory revenue, substantiate business change and improve productivity

Tech4T are territory design, field force optimisation, location analysis and customer targeting specialists.

We help sales teams, franchisors and organisations increase sales and profitability by applying hard-won skills, data science and technology to benchmark, improve and manage their territories and assess customers and outlets in a more productive and cost-efficient way.

We offer a bureau service for companies who don’t have the resources or desire to undertake the work internally and provide software where geographic intelligence, territory design and data visualisation play a key role in their planning and operational process.

Specifically we help any business that is expanding, going through transformation or considering change – especially when evaluating the size of your field teams. We have been doing this for over 25 years.

By fully understanding your business and needs, we identify, integrate and enhance the right data to uncover the  patterns and geographic insights having the greatest impact on sales. We deliver this actionable intelligence in such a way as to make a tangible and positive difference to your business.

Importantly our territory optimisation work also ensures alignment across customer profiles and market potential, workload and visit time, team capability, capacity and structure, product focus, sales plans, marketing and corporate goals.

Our solutions can be phased to suit your budget and timescale and consider balancing the ‘cost-to-serve’ your customers relative to their revenue potential and retention. We can also undertake multiple scenarios for you to evaluate risk vs. ROI.

Your sales drivers are hidden deep within your data. We uncover those nuggets!

Businesses often rely on data they can see but it’s what’s hidden that makes the difference. We integrate relevant internal and external data to provide a complete business view to support reliable decision making

Who we work with

We work closely with business owners, field sales teams, franchisors, marketing, operations and I.T. departments, consultants and HR from a diverse range of industry sectors. Companies range from small start-ups, SMEs to blue-chips, not-for-profit organisations and the public sector – in the UK and in many other countries across the globe.

Whether employed for a one-off project or retained on a contractual basis, each assignment we undertake benefits from our exposure to a diverse range of challenges across many industry sectors. This broadens our thinking and enhances our problem solving capabilities.

Some of our challenges and solutions

  • Building an easy-to-use online system to help franchisors and businesses map, share and manage territory and location information – instantly!
  • Helping hundreds of franchisors and SMEs improve customer targeting, territory planning and mapping

    Tech4T can provide custom software solutions to target and map customers, plan locations, design territories, manage customer relationships, undertake database marketing analysis, and more…

  • Undertaking field team scenario modelling to determine the best size of field team to realise customer potential at the lowest cost
  • Restructuring two large overlapping field teams in a financial services company into a single team with minimum HR disruption
  • Helping a national retail chain identify market potential at a granular level to plan outlet network expansion whilst minimising the risk of cannibalisation
  • Generating £5 million sales for a computer manufacturer by integrating multiple data feeds into a single-customer-view and using predictive analytics and pattern detection to identify who sales should contact and why
  • Undertaking an optimised field force and territory restructure to reduce headcount by 15% – without the loss of customer income
  • Developing a multi-country, on-line territory management and sales system, for a global franchise business including taking account of varying cultural and geographic constraints
  • Designing an on-line micro-territory management and data capture system to manage and efficiently route plan walking sales teams

To find out how we can be of help, please…

Tech4T – “At our core is the ability to derive and combine great insight with technology, bringing clarity to assess, engage and challenge before delivering a ‘Territory Intelligence’ solution that provides real value for our clients at the right price. We identify where change would bring significant savings, competitive advantage or revenue gain, whilst identifying and minimising any areas of risk.”

swagelokSmallClient Testimonial

“Tech4T provided us with the expertise and software to visualise our existing territory which could be sliced and diced in a number of ways. This gave us a level of analysis and insight we have never had before.Targeting | Territories | Locations - Swagelok Manchester

Tech4T then worked with us to further understand our needs and aspirations, and came back to us with a proposed new territory structure, that was data driven, customer focused and in line with our business aims.

The team have been a pleasure to work with, they are extremely proficient, helpful and responsive. They worked tirelessly to understand our business and ensure that the proposed new model worked for us.” – Swagelok, Manchester.