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2011 Census Demographics for Franchise & Sales

Franchise Territory Mapping Sales Territory design census demographicsEnrich franchise and sales territory mapping using 2011 Census Demographics

The 2011 Census contains more information than ever before, circa 160 variables spanning 7 core categories of classification.

Categories include:

  • Ethnicity & Language
  • Population, Gender & Age
  • Household (A staggering array of information here from dwelling type, tenure, number of rooms, residents, occupancy through to central heating or not!)
  • Economic activity & Occupation
  • Religion
  • Health
  • Travel

Census Demographics play an invaluable role in designing franchise territories and can help steer and guide marketing efforts within specific postcode sectors. Having territories that are the right size with the right mix of target market could make all the difference when it comes to recruiting franchisees and building long-term sustainable business.

Using 2011 Census demographic data we can build territories sized and centered around your target areas of operation whatever your market looks like.

Whether you’re selling financial services to high net worth individuals who own their own home, services targeted towards children or students or specialist products centered around the type of dwelling and household composition Tech4T can help you unlock the value of the 2011 Census demographic data.

Census data is available for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and can be used for balancing and targeting in territory design and to define retail catchment areas.

There’s never been a better time to map your territories based on scientific fact rather than gut feel. To get a complete list of all of the variables available please use our contact form to get in touch or speak to one of the team directly on 01733 890 790.

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