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Sales Territory Alignment

Sales Territory Alignment – What it is and why it matters!

Despite the field sales force being a major revenue driver, (the only one in some cases!) most companies still operate with unbalanced or misaligned sales territories. Over 40% of field sales staff have either too little or too much work, and on average spend as much as 50% or more of their time driving and travelling.

Poorly aligned sales territories, visiting the wrong customers, and/or having a sales team with skills that don’t always suit the product or service offered, can result in missed sales each year.

Your territories could be due for an overhaul if the following conditions are present today:

  • Your sales team complain their territories are unfair as they have to manage different workloads with varying levels of opportunity.
  • The need to combine sales teams following a company merger or re-structure.
  • Maybe your territories haven’t been examined in the last 2-3 years or are based solely on sales history and don’t take account of future potential.
  • New product lines have emerged since the last redesign.
  • Staff turnover means rep base locations have changed.Sales Territory Alignment

Simply put, Sales Territory Alignment or Sales Territory Optimisation, aligns the right resources to the target objective in a way that makes sense geographically.

  • Territories need to deliver the right workload and sales potential for each sales person.
  • Territories should be correctly allocated based on the right postal geography.
  • Staff should be placed in the ideal locations to exploit market opportunity and fill gaps in coverage.
  • Staff need to be aligned to the right customers and prospects with the balance between hunting and farming firmly set!

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