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Site location planning

Site location planning for retail, office, distribution locations – a recipe for success.

Selecting sites can be a time consuming, expensive and sometimes confusing exercise.  It is crucial that you have detailed information to judge the viability of available sites to ensure that an outlet has minimum chance of failure. Optimised site planning considers;

  • Who is your target market?Site location planning
  • What is your target demographic?
  • Where are they located?
  • How many potential customers are required to achieve sufficient revenue?
  • How far will customers travel to reach you (time and distance)?
  • How easy is it for them to reach you at the chosen location?
  • Where are your competitors located?
  • Is seasonality a factor?
  • In the case of the franchisee, is there enough market potential within a reasonable distance of a site for a franchisee to make a good living?

Tech4T can analyse these variables to identify and rank potential locations for your outlets across the UK. We can provide a view of where to place a site with an optimum amount of target customers, minimum travel distance and fewest competitors.

Using our territory design experience we can show you how far apart stores should be sited to ensure one does not encroach on another’s sales potential.

If you’re thinking about siting new locations or consolidating why not speak to one of our consultants to see how our site location planning service could help. Please use our contact form to reach us.


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