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Data Is Your Most Valuable Asset

Second only to the people a company employs, data is your most valuable asset. In its raw state, data spread across a myriad of locations within a business is unintelligible. Looking outside, there’s also a plethora of commercially available data-sets from prospect lists, demographic profiles and market statistics.

In order to drive profitable growth and improve sales or franchise territory performance, senior stakeholders need to cut through all this noise, making sense of the information collected, delivering practical answers to every-day business questions.

Use it to your advantage

Knowing how to identify, manipulate, transform and enhance data collected by the modern organisation is just one element of our technical expertise. Our true skill is the know-how to translate business questions into a solution that delivers real answers, fast. Our ability to make the complex simple, turn the technical into plain English and the pride we take in our work means we enjoy an exciting and diverse range of projects for both domestic and International clients.

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Engaging Customers

The speed with which a business needs to react and capitalise on its market opportunities is increasing all the time. So is competition. Businesses simply can’t afford to carry under-utilised and inefficient front line sales resource. Therefore, ensuring your sales reps are spending as much time selling the right products to the right customers is crucial to keep the order book full and sustain sales growth.

We give you a deep understanding of customers, prospects and their behaviour over time. We empower you to focus sales resources where they are needed.

Examining the customer portfolio we look at

  • Are the right customers and prospects aligned to the face-to-face channel?
  • Which products and services does a customer use, want and need?
  • What percentage of accounts is really profitable?
  • Can we predict if low profit accounts could become the profitable accounts of the future?
  • Which customers and markets are growing and which are shrinking?
  • How much share of wallet do you have?
  • How often should a customer be visited by a field sales rep and when?
  • How can your sales reps find profitable customers through prospecting?

Many customers don’t want or need expensive face-to-face interaction. In some cases, a shift to a lesser expensive cost-to-serve channel such as telesales may actually increase satisfaction and profitability. Aligning your field sales force to those customers and prospects delivering profitable growth is often the single biggest impact you can make to the effectiveness of your field force. Being smarter about how you use and interpret the information you already have could make the difference between mediocre success, or real growth through competitive edge.

Analysis and Insight combined with solid territory design, visit scheduling and journey planning delivers a standard operating model to your field force making them agile, efficient and pro-active to the right opportunities. Combining our services in this way is how we have helped many companies build strong field based customer engagement teams.

The world of data analysis with all its complexities can be daunting. Our Analysis and Insight competencies combine to help a wide-range of domestic and international franchisors build strong and engaging franchise business models. Whatever stage of your development, our experienced teams can provide the answers to help you and your franchisees grow.

Customer analysis – who are my customers and how do I get to know them better?

Profiling your customers

Profiling your customers to identify what characteristics they exhibit and share is our starting point. Age, gender, location, how much and how often they spend with you, what they’re buying, how profitable they are and how loyal they are all combine to deliver a picture of the present.

Tip: Certain statistical techniques are designed to predict what is going to happen in the future using past transactional history.


Grouping people together within franchise territories or regions allows you to focus your marketing efforts where they’re going to have the greatest impact. Companies that use segmentation in this way significantly improve their ability to be really targeted with marketing messages increasing chances of response and take-up.


Drive-time is an essential tool for site planning or simply to see where different types of customers travel from and how far they are willing to travel to you.

Using Census Data

Census data enhances the information you already know about your customers. Using the latest 2011 Census statistics we can provide you with detailed insight into your operating areas and how your customers compare with the population.

Where to prospect – who are my targets and where do they live?

Demographic Data

Demographic data has been used by the marketing community for decades, honing the accuracy of prospect targeting. Using our SONAR dataset we can group your customers according to life-stage and wealth characteristics pointing the way to where similar groups live. There could be a world of untapped potential right on your doorstep! If you are a B2B franchisor we can apply the same principles using our 2.4m strong B2B database.

Our Franchise Network Review helps you to understand market penetration.

All this information can be cascaded down to franchisees, helping them get maximum return on their franchise territory marketing spend and efforts.

How do I gauge my territory performance?

We can quickly build up a Market Penetration picture for you on a territory by territory basis. Our Franchise Network Review combines a number of disciplines such as analysis, geographic mapping and drive-time to show you precisely where your territory coverage gaps are, areas of under-utilisation and where to take corrective action. We can help you benchmark the performance of your franchisees, identifying those that need a bit of extra help. We don’t do one size fits all, we don’t believe out of the box is good enough and we never compromise quality. It’s these attributes that have allowed us to become a trusted partner to some of the biggest names in franchising.

No organisation can avoid getting to grips with the rapidly evolving behaviour of consumers and business customers. Prices and competitiveness can be checked from anywhere in an instant and customers are increasingly more discerning about which brands they choose to be part of their busy lives. When we started providing data analysis services to our marketing clients 20 years ago, the window of opportunity to engage, make a first impression or send an offer was huge, “snail mail” was often the only way.

It’s a very different picture today; the chance for your business to make a first impression, catch attention or retain loyalty is often a fleeting moment in time across a staggering array of channels. Harnessing the power inside the data your business produces and the interactions your customers are having with you is the only way to ensure that you are engaging customers effectively.

Harnessing the power inside the data your business produces and the interactions your customers are having with you is the only way to ensure that you are engaging customers effectively.This one thing hasn’t changed in 20 years.

Engaged by some of the world’s leading brands, we are equipped to deliver a wide range of analysis applications.

Examples of our work have included:


Design, build and host Single Customer View and Marketing Data Warehouse applications.

Banking & Retail

Provide customer and product insights such as profiling, segmentation, scorecards.


Bespoke analysis models for campaign tracking and response analysis.


Provision of desktop based marketing and campaign automation tools.

Manufacturing & Luxury

Business Intelligence web-portal for tracking key performance metrics.

Credit Card & Loyalty

Personalised geographic maps for direct mail campaigns. To find out more about how we might be able to help please get in touch and please take a look at our software section where you’ll find the award winning application for marketing – FastStats.

Tip: Direct Mail incorporating personalised mapping has shown up to 20% uplift in response for some clients.

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