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Location Planning

Be more local, a mantra for mainstream retail

Be more local, a mantra for mainstream retail in the race for market share. Expansion during boom periods, aggressive store opening policies in prime, high overhead locations have left many mainstream retailers with a retail property portfolio hangover. Long leases, high operating costs and the sheer diversity […]

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RUSH Hair targets 2014 retail expansion

Retail expansion site planning market potential

RUSH Hair targets 2014 retail expansion The UK’s expanding retail hairdressing industry is worth over £5bn a year; it’s not without good reason we often hear news stories of this growing market being ‘recession-proof’ as for millions of British women it’s the last luxury to sacrifice. In […]

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Franchise advertising – focus marketing effort

Franchise advertising and marketing need not be a shot in the dark Franchise businesses (all businesses for that matter!) that frequently advertise must allocate their budgets with great care. The key is to focus franchise advertising and marketing campaigns in those areas where the greatest concentrations of […]

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Postcodes as territory building blocks

Royal Mail postcodes

We are fortunate in the UK to have a robust Postcode system; but what are they? The Royal Mail maintains a UK-wide system of postal geography codes to identify postal delivery areas. As most people know their postcode, varying organisations use this as their main geographic reference […]

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New software product – dataSCOPE Business Intelligence

Tech4T launch business intelligence software – dataSCOPE dataSCOPE is a geographic business intelligence application, allowing non-technical users to visualise sales territory structures and analyse the activity going on simply and quickly. Via a simple to use interface, much like navigating a website, non-technical users can explore any […]

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“Find your nearest” available for franchise location search and lead allocation

Find nearest franchise application

Find your nearest – locate franchise outlets or sites in a flash! “Find your nearest” online application is now available from Tech4T. Our find your nearest application can be based in Bing or Google maps and can be embedded into your website. Find your nearest helps your […]

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