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Postcodes as territory building blocks

Royal Mail postcodes

We are fortunate in the UK to have a robust Postcode system; but what are they? The Royal Mail maintains a UK-wide system of postal geography codes to identify postal delivery areas. As most people know their postcode, varying organisations use this as their main geographic reference […]

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New software product – dataSCOPE Business Intelligence

Tech4T launch business intelligence software – dataSCOPE dataSCOPE is a geographic business intelligence application, allowing non-technical users to visualise sales territory structures and analyse the activity going on simply and quickly. Via a simple to use interface, much like navigating a website, non-technical users can explore any […]

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Improving sales performance for Swagelok

field sales engineer territories geogrpahic territory mapping GIS

Improving sales performance through robust geographic field sales territory structures Swagelok is a highly specialised business providing precision pressure regulator products for businesses that have fluid systems at their heart such as power, oil & gas and beverage producers. In response to changes in management personnel and […]

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2011 Census Demographics for Franchise & Sales

Franchise Territory Mapping Sales Territory design census demographics

Enrich franchise and sales territory mapping using 2011 Census Demographics The 2011 Census contains more information than ever before, circa 160 variables spanning 7 core categories of classification. Categories include: Ethnicity & Language Population, Gender & Age Household (A staggering array of information here from dwelling type, […]

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Tech4T launch territory design software platform.

Territory Runner

Tech4T are proud to announce the launch of our in-house designed and developed Territory Runner online software application. Territory Runner’s release is the result of nearly 2 years worth of planning, design and development. We have consulted with and listened to our clients during these intensive planning […]

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