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The raw building blocks that underpin all our work.

We thrive on data and have built our business around our ability to manipulate and enhance our customers’ data. In addition to the data we are given by a client, there are many ways in which we can augment this internal view of the business with special types of reference data. This section outlines the various types of data available through Tech4T and how we apply them to deliver certain aspects of our work. Our main data elements are classified as follows:

2011 Census data used in many of our analysis and territory projects.
Geodemographic and lifestyle data used to deliver insights into groups of consumers.
Business to Business prospect data valuable for identifying target markets and gauging territory opportunity.
Cartographic and Address data used to create our geographical outputs.
Once-a-decade, 63.2 million people as it is now, living in 26 million households across England and Wales give the Government a window into their lives and their household composition. Since 2001 when the previous Census was carried out, much has changed. An additional 4.1 million people or 7% for starters! Using Census data, marketers and business analysts are able to identify the country’s most affluent and poorest areas at a glance.


FMCG giants rely on this information when locating their outlets and the UK’s largest data providers build up their demographic data sets from it. The recent release of the 2011 Census data enables us to supply a variety of up-to-date variables at Postcode Sector level or in other terms, down to a 3,000 household accuracy. We can go deeper by special request. For instance, using the 250,000 Census Output Areas to look at consumers street by street.

Variables contained within the Census range from household counts, income, social class, house type, tenure and ethnicity to whether householders are likely to drive a car to work. Please contact us to view the full variable breakdown and how you might be able to explore the information contained within the Census to commercial advantage.

SONAR: a truly unique and powerful segmentation system

Rooted firmly in Census data and other data-sets such as credit agency, house price indexes, council-tax bands, and crime rate statistics, geodemographic data-sets seek to group or “cluster” neighbourhoods and individuals that exhibit similar characteristics such as age, wealth, family unit status, geography etc. There are many commercially available data-sets each having advantages and disadvantages according to the type of application they are required to perform. Our search for a geodemographic data-set we were happy to pin our flag to lead us to the SONAR classification system developed in the UK. We believe SONAR is a truly unique and powerful segmentation system at just the right level of segment differentiation and classification for our customers’ needs. SONAR classifies all households and residents in the country according to the type of neighbourhood in which they live.

The objective of SONAR classifications is to provide a valuable and unique tool for consumer segmentation and market planning which is highly effective at identifying the target audiences you wish to reach in a simple and easily understood way. It is a geodemographic classification of unrivalled power and accuracy compiled using cutting edge statistical techniques.

SONAR can be used to

  • Understand who your customers are.
  • Improve the cost effectiveness of campaign activity by tighter targeting.
  • Identify who would be a good new prospect.
  • Identify cross-selling opportunities.
  • Predict in advance who might no longer remain a customer.
  • Define store catchment areas and identify profitable new sites.
  • Plan sales territories.
  • Help with launching new products/services.

Tip: Marketing to selected target areas can increase response rates over time. For example, leaflet drop to 100 houses that are likely to buy your product 10 times, rather than 1,000 households once, where 900 are unlikely to buy as they don’t fall into your target profile categories.

We differ to other data providers in that we not only supply demographic data in standard spreadsheet format, but we can also append this data to Postal geography on a map, providing a visual representation of the information. This makes it very simple for someone to action a marketing campaign from the data, as it clearly illustrates where best to market.

This map shows the area of Waterloo, each Postcode Sector shaded to denote the concentrations of wealthy households. Our maps are tailored to show information relevant to your business.

Providing prospect data to your sales team or franchisees saves significant amounts of research time, ensuring they can focus on selling. We can provide business data and address data for prospecting purposes at very competitive rates. We can select data only applicable to your business, be it supermarkets, nursing homes, retailers or schools, and can also filter by employee size and Postcode, ensuring you only purchase the data you need.

“Selecting the right B2B prospect list data partner was really important to me, I’ve bought data in the past and it hasn’t worked as well as it should. Tech4T worked with me to hone the types of businesses I wanted and helped me make sure that they were in an area that was workable for my franchisee.” – Natasha Schofield, MD Grassroots HR

We can provide full named contact details if required together with additional variables such as turnover, MPS, TPS, CTPS screening. And if you are unsure about the types of businesses you need, we can match your existing customers against our database to determine which industry sectors your customers come from, and which are likely to be worth more to you. You can then prioritise prospects based on their potential value.

We can supply prospect business data either in spreadsheet format, optionally split by territory, or through our online Territory Runner system, where you can also view prospects visually in relation to customers. We also plot and classify this data on a map, providing visual insight as to where your prospects are physically located in relation to customers or sites for example. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our data, our source database is updated quarterly with annual verification of the information contained within each record.

Please get in touch if you would like a sample or to request a quote.

Tech4T are fully accredited partners of:


We are able to source and supply domestic and international cartographic, demographic and associated postal structure data.
  • We can supply cartography for 240 different countries at varying levels of detail.
  • We can supply address, postal/zip code data internationally.
  • We can supply international Census & Geodemographic information.
We are happy to provide all of the above on an ad-hoc basis as required or for use in a wider project such as:
  • International territory designs.
  • Bespoke mapping applications such as population studies, university applications.
  • Scientific mapping projects such as infrastructure analysis.
  • Government projects for infrastructure development, road network analysis, town planning etc.
  • Market planning and expansion into overseas territories.
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