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Software and mapping systems to improve territory design, location planning, customer targeting, increase sales, capture data, map customers, schedule visits…

Tech4T can provide software solutions to target and map customers, design territories, manage customer relationships, undertake database marketing segmentation and analysis, and more…

Tech4T provide a range of innovative, cost-effective and fast-to-deploy database, mapping, territory alignment and customer targeting software and systems. This includes database tools to collect and analyse data from the field and provide an evaluation framework to let you test concepts prior to deployment.

Solutions can be tailored to meet specific business needs and supported by a team with extensive data management, analysis and software customisation skills.

For instance, if you have data stored in disparate databases, files or spreadsheets, accessed locally via a PC, we can transform this into a single, enhanced online database. This database is available to your team direct from any location via their web browser running on mobile devices, Macs or PCs.  Users can search and update information, upload documents or photographs, and export the information in a format to suit their needs.

Where there is a need for both mapping and database functionality, we offer Territory Runner. This powerful online system is individually tailored to match your operational needs and helps field teams, marketing, location planner, franchisors and business operations improve customer understanding and design territories to optimise coverage and maximise ROI. Use it to capture, visualise, analyse and share sales and territory activity, report and generally increase operational productivity.

We consider all data sources to deliver enhanced customer knowledge

Complete, accurate and standardised data is crucial to the success of any software deployment. Reliable business decisions cannot be made where there is incomplete data; Tech4T make data quality centric to each and every solution we deploy

Typically our solutions are:

  • A source of considerable competitive advantage not available off the shelf
  • Aimed at senior managers and planners to support better decision making, and field and internal teams to improve their own productivity
  • Related to customer relationship management, field sales, reporting, market targeting, location planning or franchise operations

Our ethos is to accommodate change during the course of a project within the original cost as far as possible. We appreciate it’s virtually impossible at the start of a project to know what challenges will be encountered or to foresee changes in requirements until a first cut of a system is produced. Contact us to see how Tech4T can provide a system to improve your business.

Territory Runner

Perplexed by the choice of mapping software all proporting to do the same thing? Or looking for a replacement for Microsoft MapPoint?

Here are few of Tech4T’s Territory Runner system differentiators.Geographic mapping used to highlight gaps and overlaps in field-sales coverage

First off our business systems are tailored to match your operational needs and structured to improve planning and sales productivity. For instance, if you operate a franchise we have functionality to manage your territory network and improving the franchisee recruitment sales journey – shading territories to indicate availability and recording data about territory owners and their performance. Even tweaking boundaries to suit an individual franchisee’s preferences if needed.

And it’s very easy to use!

What’s more, you can isolate an area or territory of interest – including underlying targeting demographics – and securely share that map with a prospective franchisee.

Perhaps the most fundamental difference though is that Territory Runner is a true multi-user solution. Built around a sophisticated database structure integrated with Bing Maps – the only mapping system approved by Ordnance Survey in the UK to protect your data – means we can configure each user to securely access, view or update just the data and maps you want them to see! And once you determine what you need to do, you can turn this into action – segmenting, identifying marketing hotspots, creating campaign selections and exporting lists of customers, postcodes… Whatever you need.

Being database-driven means your data doesn’t need to be continuously uploaded. In fact we can synchronise Territory Runner with your own operating data, CRM and back-office systems automatically, and if needed, even deploy our system to your own server! We tailor the database to reflect the information you need to capture, map and analyse, and can preload the tables with any customer, prospect, order, competitor, demographic, venue, location intelligence, etc., data you choose.

Importantly our system is what we term a hybrid solution in that Tech4T take care of all the underlying data, mapping preparation and complex analytics, leaving you to get on with running your business.

In short tell us what you need and we will do the rest!

If you require a ‘mobile friendly’ online system for a specific business area, click one of the Territory Runner links below.

Franchise Territory ManagementMapping and database software. Using Territory Runner for franchise territory planning, design and owner allocation

Easy-to-use franchise territory management system.

Designed to give you a complete view of your franchise network and improve the territory sales process, Territory Runner will make handling your day-to-day operations much easier and streamline your territory sales.

Field Sales PlanningDatabase software. Identify gaps and overlaps in field-sales coverage, target prospects, schedule visits, plan optimised routes...

Territory Runner is an operational field sales planning, territory management, customer targeting and location analysis system.

It requires no software – just a web browser on tablet, iPad, PC… with an Internet connection.

Importantly, Territory Runner is NOT just a mapping tool. Optimum field sales planning requires far more than mapping and that’s what Tech4T give you with Territory Runner – a hybrid online solution that combines technology with data management, database software, territory optimisation and sales analytics skills.

Location analysisMapping and database software. Use Territory Runner to examine catchment areas, potential locations, surrounding demographics...

Retail planning and visualisation software for organisations with limited in-house resources needing to identify and evaluate potential sites when deciding where to offer their products or site outlets.

We will pre-load Territory Runner with the demographics, attractor, detractor, competitor and postal data you need to identify the best locations.

FastStats DiscovererCustomer and prospect analysis and targeting – FastStats Discoverer

Where larger customer data volumes require fast analysis and translation into actionable direct marketing campaigns, we provide FastStats. FastStats includes a number of options designed to streamline your marketing. These tools will support you in understanding your customers and prospects better and delivering profitable campaigns, helping you to outperform your competitors.

Software for complex mapping, visit scheduling, data cleansing…Software for mapping, routing, analysis...

We can also supply heavy duty software for professional in-house teams engaged in geographic mapping – such as GFK Regiograph, PTV Map & Market, visit scheduling and logistics, together with statistical analysis and data work including de-duplication and file merging. Please get in touch if you would like independent advice on the best software for your organisation. All our software products are backed up with training, hosting where relevant, support tailored to your needs including data management and analysis services.

Direct and Database MarketingSet up and manage campaigns - linking promotions to database segments for complete campaign control

Powerful marketing database software with fully integrated mapping technology to support your marketing campaign planning, execution and response measurement.

Visualise your target market geographically and spot customers who could be ripe for cross-sell.  Then make selections and export for email, mail, telemarketing or visits.

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