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FastStats Marketing Data Analysis Software

FastStats Marketing Data Analysis Software

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Performance, efficiency, effectiveness… FastStats Discoverer lets you streamline the typically complex data selection and extraction process between marketing, IT and data analysts. Use drag and drop graphical selection and analysis tools to generate the niche targeting segments and output files needed to improve the ROI for telemarketing, direct mail, email, SMS and other digital and social media campaigns – quickly and efficiently.

FastStats Discoverer

FastStats Discoverer Drag and Drop Interface

Venn Diagram Segmentation

Use Venn diagrams to compare selections and spot prospects falling into more than one segment. Perfect for cross-sell targeting

The FastStats™ suite of marketing data analysis products provides access to consolidated information held by your business, enabling you to understand your customers and prospects in-depth. FastStats Discoverer provides fast, visual and truly easy to use data analysis with an intuitive drag and drop interface. Wizards guide you through powerful analysis, making it easy for non-technical users to get the answers they need. FastStats is proven in over 300 installations with thousands of users worldwide.

FastStats uses a unique ‘column-based’ technology to enable users to analyse, visualise and output any amount of customer, prospect and transactional data at extremely high speed and without limitation. That’s why it can handle all the big data required for modern direct and digital marketing, especially for e-tailing (Internet Retailing), high-street retailing, mail order, charities and large consumer or business databases.

FastStats is built around a series of modules each designed with a specific marketing task in mind; here we’ve highlighted our most commonly used components.

FastStats Discoverer

– A staggeringly fast way of querying, selecting and analysing complex data

FastStats Discoverer finds the answers to your complex marketing based business questions, making it easy to spot key patterns and trends, make selections and manage your campaigns


  • Identify common data patterns and rules for behavioural targeting
  • Target markets with selections that hitherto were impossible or too difficult to make
  • Create customer and marketplace segments
  • Produce stunning graphics and Venn diagrams
  • Apply Recency, Frequency and Value to selections (RFM)
  • View and sort sample data on grids
  • Perform basket and transaction analysis
  • View the geographical spread of your customers
  • Distribute the campaign R.O.I. results and the selections used to create them with flexible reporting


Make complex selections with ease. The FastStats selection interface

Make complex selections with ease. The FastStats selection interface


FastStats Modelling

– Customer Profiling, Data Modelling & Transaction Analysis

FastStats Modelling

  • Discover the key characteristics (profile/s) of your customers
  • Predict the trading behaviour of prospects and customers
  • Increase response rates by targeting niche customer segments more effectively
  • Cross and up-sell to the most responsive existing customers
  • Use your ‘high value’ customer profile to find more of the same for prospecting
  • Focus just on the markets and sectors with high potential to maximise R.O.I.
  • Identify those customers who are likely to lapse in the future
  • Detect groups of customers with similar buying characteristics
  • Undertake customer lifetime value, segmentation, CHAID (Decision Tree) and Predictive Weight of Evidence (PWE) scorecard modelling

Decision Tree Analysis (CHAID)

The Decision Tree option complements the FastStats PWE (Predictive Weight of Evidence Scorecard) profiling tool. Profiling with PWE provides an easy to understand uni-variate scoring mechanism, whilst Decision Tree provides a sequenced segmentation process which the user can control. It results in descriptive rules for each segment which can form new targeting segments. The Decision Tree module is so named because of the branching nature of the statistics method used to identify segments of the database that fit certain characteristics.

faststats decision tree (chaid)Decision Tree initially compares the set of data to be analysed (e.g. respondents to a test campaign) with a ‘base’ selection (e.g. the whole database or a bigger sub-set to be used for a roll-out campaign) and then sequentially segments the data into branches according to one of a number of statistical results. This splitting is to identify groups of records that contain proportionally more or less of the ‘analysis’ data. FastStats Discoverer Decision Tree uses Apteco’s (patent pending) Predictive Weight of Evidence score together with the CHAID split strategy algorithm.

The Decision Tree module displays the results in a number of ways, both graphical and tabular to assist the user to visualise and interpret the results.

The Box Tree display shows a regular branching diagram with labeling to identify the data used to split at that branch and an indication of the value groupings used. The colour of each box shows the proportion of successful records in each segment.

FastStats Orgainic Decision TreeAn innovative display called the Organic Tree shows the same basic information in an easy to assimilate manner. Like real trees, the Organic Tree display builds from the bottom up, the width of each branch showing the number of records processed, the angle showing the relative improvement and the colour showing the proportion of successful records. The ‘Organic Tree’ display provides an easy way for analysts and non technical staff alike to get an appreciation of the segmentation achieved by the Decision Tree.

The design and development of the Decision Tree module has focused on ensuring powerful statistics are available within the easy and speedy style of FastStats Discoverer, and without the user needing to be a statistician!

Decision Tree users can interact with the tree building process by pausing or continuing segmentation from particular nodes. Once they are happy with the segmentation achieved, they can simply drag nodes from any of the tree displays or use a gains table and lift chart to identify the most successful nodes.

This style of operation fits perfectly with the ‘do anything, to anything’ style of the Discoverer interface.


FastStats segmentation to identify by variable how records can be groupedClustering forms part of the FastStats Modeling module. Cluster Analysis is about exploring and identifying natural groupings in a set of data points.

FastStats lets you take a selection of records (say customers) and automatically detect groups of people with similar characteristics.

You can use these groups or clusters to better visualise your customer population and segment them for marketing purposes. Using a visual display you can open each dimension to build up a picture of which individuals have been included in each cluster.

FastStats segmentation graphical breakdown of your databaseUse segmentation to target marketing to groups of people sharing similar profiles

With FastStats segmentation, you can also use a two-dimensional visualisation of your clusters.

Hovering over the points opens up further details about the segment and you can change what you want to see on rows and columns using the drop down options.

Visualisation lets you to view your clusters in a different format so that you can gain further insight into your data.

Segment tracking

One of the most powerful and innovative parts of the segmentation within FastStats Discoverer Modelling is the ability to track how customers move across segments.

Using FastStats segmentation to identify customers moving across segments

Identifying who within each of Gold, Silver and Bronze segments migrate to other segments within specified time periods

FastStats segment tracking

Tracking changes to customer value by segment by year

Using FastStats word clouds to profile segments (silver segment)

Identifying profile characteristics of Silver segment customers

Using FastStats word clouds to profile segments (green)

Identifying profile characteristics of Gold segment customers

Using FastStats word clouds to profile segments (blue)

Identifying profile characteristics of Bronze segment customers





Transaction & Basket Analysis
Basket analysis

FastStats Discoverer includes the unique basket and transaction analysis mechanism. Understanding the patterns of transactions undertaken by your customers enables you to market to specific purchase behaviours and devise more appropriate cross-sell and up-sell offers. Insight into current transaction patterns can help you predict the most likely next transaction for each customer and segment and develop marketing treatment on this basis.

Reporting with Excelsior

FastStats Excelsior is the perfect choice for low-cost report creation, allowing non-technical users to refresh reports with the latest information and to derive additional value from all your sales and marketing data.

faststats discoverer excelsior

  • Allows for instant refresh of Excel-based reports
  • Ensures only authorised users can view or refresh Excel-based reports
  • Provides interfaces that allow data to be drawn from multiple information stores for even greater insight

Reporting on sales and marketing campaign data and the results derived from deep-dive analytics is an essential part of delivering a healthy return on investment for sales and marketing activities. Although FastStats Discoverer provides a native suite of reporting and analysis tools, some analysts are more familiar with data manipulation using Microsoft Excel.

FastStats Excelsior allows you to build custom reports configured to your business needs, and share the results with your colleagues. Because FastStats Excelsior unites Excel and FastStats , the resulting reports are even more powerful than either tool used alone. A FastStats Excelsior report is based on embedded FastStats results. These results are linked to the FastStats system and can be refreshed at any time with the latest data. Once a report has been created it can be refreshed at the touch of a button, eliminating time spent compiling monthly or weekly reports.

Incorporating external data…   FastStats Excelsior allows you to incorporate data from external sources with FastStats data in a single report. Additional information from an organisation’s budget, sales, operations etc. can all be integrated with FastStats marketing data using the FastStats Excelsior workbook to create truly powerful reports customised for the business and its unique reporting needs.

Virtual Variables

One of the most powerful features of FastStats Discoverer is for the user to be able to create their own custom fields and then use these in any of the analysis, profiling, modelling or selection processes. There are a series of wizards to help, but in effect data can be summarised from millions of rows of data and stored against contacts or households / companies in seconds.

This functionality enables customer lifetime value – as a whole – or based on any mix of products, together with recency, frequency and value calculations to be computed without a call to your IT support team!

Users can input their own files of reference numbers (URN’s) to create new ‘include’ or ‘stop’ selections, add new selectors (pick list fields), reduce the number of categories in a pick list by combining them into new variables – ideal for say a brand or sales manager who only works with a only a subset of products – and much, much more.

FastStats PeopleStage

– Automated multi-channel marketing campaigns made simple

FastStats PeopleStage is an interactive multi-channel campaign management application that allows users to define and implement marketing process flow diagrams. As a result you are able to plan highly personalised and timely marketing communication programmes that operate automatically.

This powerful and easy to use software uses the latest interface technology to offer new levels of visualisation, interaction and automation for direct marketers.

Working alongside the FastStats Discoverer application users are able to utilise the powerful segmentations, analysis and predictive models created by other FastStats users.

FastStats peopleStage

  • Visualise your marketing processes
  • Define your marketing processes for others to view
  • Trigger timely, event driven communications
  • Automate and coordinate complex campaigns
  • Handle the dynamic nature of individuals and interactions
  • All channels in one centralised view
  • Automate response handling and follow ups
  • Record campaign histories


How you can use FastStats

  • Install as software on a PC or Server, or access online
  • Optional hosted and provided as a managed service or for ad hoc bureau based projects
  • Update with fresh information when you need – daily, weekly or monthly
  • Integration and first-line support services
  • Live trial with your own data. Tech4T offer a pilot project to build a FastStats system using your own data and database schema and then support your team through an evaluation period of one to two months. This would include installing and configuring a system at your site with training and support structured to meet your specific marketing, analysis and business goals

Click here to see how we help a major insurance broker manage their campaigns.

Tech4T and FastStats

FastStats has had a special place in our engine room – largely due to its ability to make complex customer targeting selections with ease, very very quickly, and its immensely powerful analytical capability. We have yet to discover any software that even comes close. Indeed, the staff at Tech4T have worked with the FastStats developers since 1991 and are one of Apteco’s longest-standing partners, not only supplying and supporting FastStats but also providing a wide range of complementary analytical services.

Tech4T’s team have hard won knowledge from the direct mail, mail order and direct sales sectors – both B2C and B2B, plus have extensive experience in building FastStats systems for insurance, financial and charity sectors. We have first hand knowledge of how mailing houses and e-marketing systems work, and the granular campaign analysis that clients demand. Importantly we can apply this knowledge to help you develop an optimised FastStats configuration that will streamline and improve the efficiency of your operational processes and deliver improved campaign ROI .

Contact us on +44 (0)1733 890790 to see how your organisation could use the power of FastStats to improve your targeting and marketing processes and your return on investment in marketing.

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