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GFK Regiograph Mapping Software

GIS and mapping software for sales territory alignment and marketing analysis

RegioGraph If you are looking to undertake territory design, geographic mapping or territory management in-house, Tech4T can offer you a choice of solutions – GKF sales and marketing mapping and territory design software and Tech4T’s Territory Runner. We can also provide other tools for mapping and optimised visit scheduling and routing – just let us know what you are looking to do.

Call +44 (0)1733 890790. For each solution, we offer a number of support and training options plus can partner with you to undertake some of the more complex tasks as an out-sourced service as needed.

Please be aware that for complex territory design and detailed spatial analysis – especially where large amounts of data are being used and heavy processing is needed, we would recommend a desktop application such as Regiograph.

GFK Regiograph

RegioGraph allows you to visualise and analyse all of your company data directly on digital maps. This brings clarity and objectivity to your entire market.

In combination with data on regional market potential, RegioGraph shows you areas of untapped potential in your markets. RegioGraph

A comprehensive range of analysis, planning and calculation functions boosts your efficiency and turnover across all aspects of your business, from sales and marketing, to controlling and expansion planning.

Visualising customers and locations

RegioGraph allows you to quickly see how your customers and turnover are distributed across your entire market. You can import your customer addresses at the click of a button!

You’ll then immediately be able to check for gaps in your coverage and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses at the level of postcodes or even street segments.


  • You can import additional data on your locations, warehouses or partner branches and then compare it to turnover data and other information
  • Work at the level of postcodes or street segments
  • Europe-wide planning capabilities, with automated address correction
  • Support for data import of all common formats: *.xls, *.txt, etc.

Analysing company data

RegioGraph offers more than 100 analysis and visualisation options, giving you everything you need to complete your tasks. You can import company data, such as information on customers, turnover and business locations, and then compare and analyse it.

This allows you to quickly identify relationships and trends that would otherwise go unnoticed. Examples of the kinds of questions you can easily answer with RegioGraph:


  • How many customers are located within a 10 km radius of my business sites in London?

  • How much turnover is generated by my business sites in Paris compared to my sites in Berlin?

  • What share of my total turnover is generated by each of my business sites?

Particularly valuable insights emerge when you compare your company data with the provided data on potential: This allows you to determine if your turnover is good or if there is significant untapped potential. If the latter, you can pinpoint the precise areas and amounts.

Planning sales territoriesRegioGraph

RegioGraph is the preeminent sales territory planning tool that can save you time, money and headaches! It’s easy to import your sales territories along with your sales force assignments into the software. Then, at the click of a button, you can create efficient new sales territories according to the criteria you specify.

RegioGraph automatically takes accessibility into account and optimises territories according to criteria such as workload, potential and territory size.

Of course, you can manually adjust all aspects of the planning process. Any changes made are immediately and automatically reflected on updated maps and reports.

Create sales hierarchies, distribution plans and test scenarios. Manage sales force substitutes and save time!

RegioGraph Comprehensive sales territory planning can be carried out in RegioGraph in just a few hours. Features such as up-to-the-minute updating of your maps based on your changes as well as complete transparency and objectivity make this a painless process.

Making more informed location decisions

RegioGraph provides optimal support for evaluating your locations and catchment areas and helps you make decisions that strengthen your market presence, whether in the retail sector or other industries.

RegioGraph helps you position yourself precisely where your customers are located!

When it comes to expansion planning, the market potential around your business locations as well as customer movement and frequency patterns are decisive factors. In addition to revealing gaps in your overall branch network, RegioGraph offers detailed information on the immediate environs of your business sites.

Precision data analysis tools help you locate your target groups and market potential down to the level of street segments.


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