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dataSCOPE by Tech4T – A business intelligence revolution.

Visualise, explore and share complex datasets in an easy, intuitive and simple to understand way…helping you to make informed decisions fast.

Geographic Business Information systems can present data in easy to understand ways

An analysis of sale rep to customer allocations reveals a busy picture for this U.S client.

Technology companies love their acronyms, usually 3 letters, CRM, ERP, GIS the list goes on. Now, hot on the heels of the “Big Data” concept comes Geo BI; but what on earth is it?

Simply put, visualising company data using geographic mapping applications can reveal much more than graphs, charts and tables can on their own.

This is not a new concept I hear you all crying which it true, but..

Up until recently, functions like geographic mapping and business intelligence resided in separate applications. If you wanted mapping you needed to buy a geographic mapping package, if you wanted to slice, dice and share data round the organisation a BI tool was required.

Historically mapping applications were stand-alone software packages built up using expensive cartographic layers of information. Google maps changed all that.

Geo Business Intelligence therefore is the convergence of geographic mapping functionality with the best qualities of business information systems.

dataSCOPE is Tech4t’s GEO BI tool, we use it to present back the results of our sales territory, retail and franchise projects, enabling clients to interact with their territory, store and sales performance data.

Customer value is denoted by the size of the bubble, it's this at a glance view that makes Geo-BI so powerful

Customers are shown using “sales bubbles”..the larger the bubble the higher the client YTD spend.

Geo-BI resonates well as a concept with modern organisations.

We’re collecting a phenomenal amount of data on a daily basis about our customer interactions through a myriad of channels, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Senior stakeholders are being asked to make decisions which require the ability to turn all this data into meaningful decisions.

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Customer data is easy to visualise and explore within our South West territory sales manager’s area.

Take the example above looking at the U.S, a simple question such as “do I have enough sales territory coverage” is nigh on impossible to answer via a BI tool alone. Add a map dimension and the answer springs off the page.

This diagram shows customer groups by value, sure a chart would show the same answer, but in this example we’re able to show how valuable a customer is by the size of bubble and also where the customers are physically located to points of interest such as a store or where our reps are based.

The business intelligence (BI) part of the equation allows us to drill up, drill down and add differing layers or dimensions of data such as products, seasonality or even overlay a prospect list against our customers.

Geo-BI is not a new concept, businesses that harness its power are able to react in a more informed and agile way than those businesses that are still viewing the world in 2-D.

To find out how dataSCOPE could benefit your organisation and to try it using your data please get in touch to find out more.

Field sales rep workload analysis The graph shows an analysis of project workload for 2 agents given a number of customers and prospects requiring a desired call frequency throughout the year to trigger a sale.
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