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How well do you know your sales territories and how well they are performing?


When it comes to deciding on the best field sales territory structure for your field sales force, it’s not always obvious where to start in the quest for increased activity, sales and profitability.

Many of the clients who engage us to help them design optimised sales territories are undergoing some sort of business change. Change in a business is often the biggest driver for re-affirming sales regions and usually time and cost are of the essence.

If you’re a sales manager/director experiencing any of these common changes, Tech4T can help you assess and improve your field sales territory structure in a timely and cost-effective manner.

  • How can my reps achieve more visits per day?
  • Where can I focus my field-sales effort best?
  • How do I get the balance right between prospecting and servicing existing clients?
  • Which customers should be visited, when and on what frequency?
  • I need to increase or reduce headcount.
  • How are my competitors positioned within our sales regions?
  • I need to combine disparate field sales teams.
  • We’re entering new markets, launching new products.
  • My field-sales team structure has changed.

Tech4T can provide an evaluation of your current field-sales operation showing you what your picture looks like today, where the gaps and overlaps in your field sales coverage are and how you might best re-structure your territories to achieve your sales budgets.

The process is simple.

dataSCOPE business intelligence software by Tech4T for field sales territory analysis.

Our Territory Runner solution allows you to explore the results of our field sales territory assessment in an intuitive geographic based interface.

Step 1 – Supply us with a modest amount of information (all under NDA of course) about your field sales reps, your customers and the relationships between them.

Step 2 – Share your business objectives with us. Are you looking to reduce or increase headcount? Maybe you’re trying to merge separate field sales teams together or selling into a new area for example.

Step 3 – Share some sales history with us so we can show you how your picture is changing over time and how the numbers underpin your field sales structure today.

Step 4 – If you have customer and prospect data we can put this into the mix too. If not don’t worry we have access to a huge business to business database across many different industry types.

Our deliverables to you;

  • Outputs delivered in our Territory Runner application allowing you to explore and analyse your data, geographically.
  • Drive-time analysis looking at how far and for how long your field sales reps travel within their patch.
  • A star-map showing where your gaps and overlaps are.
  • An analysis of your sales history relating to customers by field sales region.
  • A report highlighting options for re-designing your field sales territories to match your business objectives.

For more information or to book your field sales territory assessment please use our contact form to get in touch or call us directly on 01733 890 790.

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Here’s what Swagelok had to say about their territory assessment work with us.

“Tech4T provided us with the expertise and software to visualise our existing territory which could be sliced and diced in a number of ways. This gave us a level of analysis and insight we have never had before.

Tech4T then worked with us to further understand our needs and aspirations, and came back to us with a proposed new territory structure, that was data driven, customer focused and in line with our business aims.

The team have been a pleasure to work with, they are extremely proficient, helpful and responsive. They worked tirelessly to understand our business and ensure that the proposed new model worked for us.” – Swagelok, Manchester.


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