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Territory Optimisation for Costa Coffee

Territory optimisation yields 30% improvement in field-sales-agent efficiency

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Our client

Costa Express provides drinks via Express Pods located in high footfall locations such as universities, hospitals, offices, service stations and leisure centres.Costa Express Costa Coffe Proud to Serve

‘Proud to Serve’ enables organisations to embed the Costa brand into their own catering offer. Costa provides point of sale material, equipment and food and drink ingredients to over 4,000 wholesale customers in the UK.

‘Costa Express’ and ‘Proud to Serve’ enable partners to deliver globally recognised food and drink products.

Historically Costa operated 2 separate field sales teams, one sales team for each brand.

The brief

As part of a drive for territory optimisation to improve efficiency, Sales Director, Tim Warner approached Tech4t to support him in 3 areas:

1. Design a unified territory structure, merging the two disparate sales teams and evenly distributing workload

2. Increase the efficiency of the sales team through improved customer insight, visit scheduling and route planning

3. Use customer insight to increase existing customer value and promote new business growth

Sales territory optimisation goals

Our journey together

Working closely with Tim and his sales team at Costa Coffee, we divided the 3 areas of our brief into a number of steps with clear milestones and deliverables that would support Tim in achieving his objectives in a timely manner.

Sales team efficiency improvement

Through any business transformation winning the hearts and minds of the people affected by change is often key.

We helped Tim walk the field team through a number of iterations each one based on slightly different options and scenarios gathering feedback along the way. We secured sales team buy-in, each member able to visualise how their working lives would be impacted in a positive way.

Evaluating field sales team coverage scenarios was vital

Additionally, 2 new team members were recruited and the field team fired up to gather additional customer intelligence that would prove vital for sales growth.

With territory optimisation complete and approved, the next step was to arm the sales team with a technology platform that enabled them to make best use of their available selling time; achieving the all-important balance between servicing existing customers and new business prospecting.

Costa selected our Territory Runner system.

Sales territories

The sales team were happier

Sales team buy-in meant we were able to implement quickly. The team were delighted to be given a tool that would make their daily lives simpler, clearly highlighting the workload required, and improve their success on the ground – no more guesswork.

Costa management can now easily keep track of all activity on a daily basis, prioritising workload according to new business leads and the timing of key marketing promotions.

The revised field sales team territory structure combined with Territory Runner’s comprehensive customer insight and sales planning functionality has provided a backbone that supports the field team.

The number and quality of visits made by the team each day has improved. The team are happier as they are reaping the results of a more efficient and productive working day.


Catching up with Tim to see how territory optimisation and Territory Runner were impacting the business, he had this to say.

“The team love the ease of use and logical flow of the system and for me, the ability to plan territories and journey plan campaigns has dramatically increased the team’s efficiency as well as cutting down on the admin.

We’ve completed a wave of calls 2 weeks quicker.  So that’s 5 weeks not 7 – nearly 30% quicker!

T4T understood our business need from the first meeting and they have added value in every step of the way. Their flexible approach and quick response times have been fantastic.

I would definitely recommend Tech4T to anyone looking for territory optimisation and to drive efficiencies in their sales teams.”

Costa continues to make enhancements to the system and we continue to enjoy a close working relationship.

If you are a sales manager looking to make field-sales performance and efficiency gains please do get in touch to see how we can help.

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