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Field Marketing Support

Field marketing support

Field marketing encompasses a diverse range of activities, including door-to-door campaigns, leafleting and those supporting in-store activity with merchandising, demonstrations, experiential marketing and mystery shopping.

Whatever the mission, Tech4T offer outsourced field marketing support by:

Field marketing support - this map shows an optimised route for visiting a target list of supermarkets

This map shows an optimised route for visiting a target list of supermarkets

  • Selecting the areas or stores where field marketing campaigns are most likely to be successful
  • Calculating the optimum size of the team needed to complete the workload
  • Enabling the collection of information in the field
  • Minimising travel time and costs
  • Efficient visit scheduling

Selecting stores and regions and sizing your team

You may need to:

  • Select a sub-set of stores or locations for a specific campaign
  • Calculate the size of the team needed to service a pre-defined list of stores or areas
  • Select regions that meet a given geo-demographic profile or align to territory, TV or ILR regions, and then target stores or outlets within those areas

In all cases, Tech4T can do the complex analysis and mapping work necessary to define the best locations to work in and/or calculate the optimum team size needed to complete the workload cost effectively. We can create different visit scenarios for evaluation and compute the required hours, the overall time and the total mileage for comparison across the field marketing teams.

We look at customers, products, store locations, catchment areas and the surrounding population. Then we rank the best stores and regions so you know where to base your teams and the most efficient order to carry out visits. We provide an accurate geocoded list of stores or regions in a format of your choice for loading into your own systems together with maps showing outlets, regions, competitors, etc.

Territory Runner software

Field marketing support

This map highlights a “brick” selected for a specific campaign

Alternatively, we can load your list of stores or regions into our Territory Runner software and display all outlets on an interactive map. Different types of outlet can be identified and we overlay the locations of your field team. Visits can be grouped into geographic bricks (small geographic areas) for improved campaign planning. Outlets can be selected in the same area to create bricks for Week 1, Week 2 and so on. For more details see our Territory Runner page.

Interviewing, canvassing and leafleting – identifying your audience and their locations

Tech4T can:

  • Provide maps and road lists based on specific demographics and footfall data for interviewing, canvassing or leafleting
  • Provide road lists for leafleting or direct mail campaigns to “warm up” an area prior to a visit by canvassers
  • Identify the best streets for leafleting and direct mail campaigns, improving response rate by ensuring you are delivering to the people most likely to want what you are offering
  • Analyse campaign areas at street level and use data such as the number of residential addresses and the tenure of each of the properties to help you identify where best to deliver
  • Provide reports from a simple house count to a full demographic report on any area to optimise your campaign planning and routing.
  • Identify or refine your target market using customer segmentation
  • Provide the tools so you can manage planning yourself –  see how Territory Runner could help you

Visit scheduling for field marketing

Ensuring your team/s can visit all locations within an agreed timescale often requires scheduling software. We can provide software, support and training for you to do this in-house.  Alternatively, we can produce visit schedules optimised to reduce travel time and costs.

We can take account of opening hours, preferred visit periods, specific appointment times, field team availability, etc. We can run several scenarios with different workload and driving options to find the best solution for your team; this will also identify areas of over or under capacity and optimum locations for field operatives. This can be especially helpful where you are planning multiple projects for varying clients.

Customer data at street level

Customers often provide location lists for a field marketing campaign in a variety of different formats, sometimes with missing postcodes or duplicated records. This makes accurate planning of field activity very difficult which obviously has cost implications. To improve forecasting of work levels, Tech4T can merge, clean and enhance such lists, add in new information such as competitor locations, geocode and prioritise locations.

Importantly, if you want to view data on a map at a very granular level, i.e. view individual premises, we can create the maps to let you do this. As an Ordnance Survey partner, we can use the full postal address database to position outlets within an accuracy of a few square metres.

Whatever your field marketing campaign, we can help you target the right people in the right locations cost effectively.

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