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Territory Runnerfor Sales PlanningSales & Territory Alignment Software - sales and operations planning

Territory Runner is an operational territory planning, customer targeting and location analysis system that requires no installation. It runs on a tablet, iPad, notebook, PC… with a web browser and an internet connection. Tailored to meet your business needs, it combines database technology, geographic mapping, data management and analysis services to deliver insights to your sales team to help plan and sell more productively.

Capable of managing, mapping and helping you progress sales relationships with all your customers and prospects, Territory Runner gives you the big picture when it comes to developing the best strategies for customer and prospect targeting. Identify trends and gaps in coverage and over serviced areas in a way that would be impossible by any other means. Ideal for office based support personnel and teams in the field.

Regiograph Software for Advanced Spatial Analysis,
Territory Optimisation, Retail PlanningRegioGraph - Evaluating the best site location

RegioGraph allows you to visualise and analyse all of your company data directly on digital maps. This brings clarity and objectivity to your entire market.  In combination with data on regional market potential, RegioGraph shows you areas of untapped potential in your markets.

A comprehensive range of analysis, planning and calculation functions boosts your efficiency and turnover across all aspects of your business, from sales and marketing, to controlling and expansion planning.

Software for Planning, Visit Optimisation,
Territory Alignment, Mapping and Field Force SystemsSales & Territory Alignment Software, sales and operations planning - visit scheduling and territory optimisation software

We can also supply heavy duty software for professional in-house teams engaged in visit scheduling or logistics, sales territory alignment, territory mapping, targeting or site location analysis.

Please get in touch if you would like independent advice on the best sales and operations planning software for your organisation.

Free field force planning calculatorsSales & Territory Alignment Software - sales and operations planning - sales planning calculator

Free tools for simple ‘what-if’ planning around sales operations planning and field team sizing and activities.

It seems that lots of you found our old calculators quite useful when it came to planning sales and territory structures, developing customer value and defining lead generation strategies. So here they are suitably updated.

Please note. You will need Adobe Flash Player to view and use our calculators.

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