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Territory Runner Sales Planning Software

Territory Runner Sales Planning Software lets you find fresh sales opportunities faster!

Territory Runner sales planning software delivers customer segmentation and targeting, territory mapping, journey planning, information sharing and more.

This powerful system combines database technology and geographic mapping to give you a complete view of the business – sales opportunities, customer potential, field sales structures and more. It will support managers implementing company strategy and/or going through business change. Territory Runner is also designed to help office based support personnel and the field sales team grow sales and carry out day to day activities more productively.

Tailored to meet your business needs, Tech4T’s on-line system is fully supported by data management, analysis, territory optimisation and mapping services.  Can be used on a tablet, iPad, or PC.

Develop sales planning strategies

Territory Runner gives you the big picture when it comes to developing the best strategies for customer and prospect targeting and to improve team productivity. View prospects, area demographics, competitors, sales, outlet data, outcomes of previous visits and more. Find out who is nearby when planning a visit. Identify trends, gaps in coverage and over serviced areas in a way that would be impossible to see with such clarity by any other means.

Field sales planning, customer targeting, territory mapping…

Field sales planning, customer targeting, territory mapping system for improved activity and visit planningWith Territory Runner you can search databases every-which-way to define target groups, then assign them to segments which you can geographically display with markers of any shape or size. You can visualise customer status, territory coverage and also the customer tracking insights that our data and sales analytics services uncover!

Territory Runner also enables teams in the field and office to access data in real time where Territory Runner has been linked with your operational databases. Field sales and supporting marketing activities can be planned and scheduled in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Sales outcomes can be recorded and reported. Visit and journey planning is simplified. Time wasting visits will be drastically reduced.

Fully supported by Tech4T’s unique skills base in data management, analysis and logistical scheduling services, Territory Runner’s field sales planning and customer targeting system improves customer engagement and will keep you and your team fully informed. Your sales operation will be more efficient. Your field team team will have greater success.

And whatever your industry sector, reporting, analysis and data entry forms can be customised to the way your organisation works and its unique terminology. Territory Runner delivers the important stats about your customers, prospects and reps (or field sales) call patterns.

Costa Coffee made 30% productivity gains using Territory Runner – see the case study

A small selection of features follows

Please contact us to get the big picture and find out how a Territory Runner solution can be tailored in terms of data content and functionality to meet your specific needs – call Tech4T on 01733 890790.

Geographic mapping used to highlight gaps and overlaps in field-sales coverageTerritory mapping, data visualisation, boundary alignment, demographics assessment

Want a better way to visualise and manage territories without having to install software on your PC? A way to view existing or newly optimised structures and see where potential sales can be found? A way to create or edit territory boundaries?
And a way to see what is important, then share and collaborate this information with the field team live? All this is possible in Territory Runner, plus much more.



Geographic searchingField sales planning, customer targeting, territory mapping system - Territory Runner lets you search for any information across your database, find a territory or locate nearby prospects

Use Territory Runner anywhere in the world. For example, the Radial Search feature finds results within a specified radius of a chosen location, or a user could simply draw a shape on the map to search. Territory Runner provides various tools to help you isolate exactly where to search for information and find prospects and customers to visit.

Country demographics and business statistics can also be viewed at varying levels of territory, postcode, zip code or administration boundary level.

Field sales planning, customer targeting, territory mapping system - Set up and manage campaigns - linking promotions to database segments for complete campaign controlCampaign planning

Filter and segment customers and prospects using any information loaded into Territory Runner – sales value, industry sector, company size, consumer demographics and so on. View customer segments on the fully integrated map for marketing and sales campaign planning. Export lists for email, direct mail, telemarketing or visits; record and analyse campaign results. Give a telemarketing team access to specific customer segments where they can record the results of their calls, appointments made and next actions.


Field sales planning, customer targeting, territory mapping system - target prospects, customers, influencers, venues - whatever you need using map or database toolsTarget your customers

Examine the sometimes complex relationships involved in a sale, see where the people involved are sited geographically, systematically plan your approach for each customer. Alternatively if you want to do some concentrated prospecting, it can be beneficial to break your territory down into smaller geographical chunks. Create defined geographic areas in Territory Runner where there are large numbers of those people or businesses most likely to buy your products or services.


Field sales planning, customer targeting, territory mapping system - create optimised journey plans with ease. Target, Select, Journey Plan - in a few mouse clicksJourney planning and routing

Plan your day with Territory Runner’s field sales planning and customer targeting system. Search for customers by name or area. Add search results or existing segments to the map, put in any other stops, then simply build the optimised route. If a visit is cancelled whilst you’re out and about, search for nearby customers or prospects and make a spontaneous call. Routes are exportable, printable or can be viewed on your iPad or tablet (with internet access).



Field sales planning, customer targeting, territory mapping system - Territory Runner has advanced contact management functionality. The database can be customised to match your business needs and be used to capture and retrieve any data - even photographs.

Sales planning with tailored contact management

View your data in the field. Territory Runner makes visits more productive by enabling access to order history, purchase suggestions and notes before a visit. We work with you to define the content that you need.

Update customer records directly after a meeting while everything is fresh in your mind. Collect and store information – surveys, orders, notes, future needs, upload documents and photographs. Use structured fields or notes.

Field sales planning, customer targeting, territory mapping system - for field marketing and planning daily visit activity, Territory Runner can be used to create and display 'Bricks' - smaller sub-territories that allow for daily planning and schedulingField marketing support

Plot planned visits to retail outlets or identify geographically, concentrations of high value customers and prospects. Ideal for leafleting campaigns and door knocking campaigns. Or divide areas into geographic “zones” for easy allocation to your field team (such as week 1, week 2). Monitor progress as records are up-dated. Full campaign reporting and analysis.



Custom reportingField sales planning, customer targeting, territory mapping system - analyse your data every-which-way with comprehensive charts and reports

Territory Runner gives you management information to direct team activity and influence performance. Monitor and compare performance on customer segments, territories and so on. We work with you to define just the reports you need.

Develop KPI’s on the use of resources. Understand where the field sales team spends its time. Understand call patterns.



Territory Runner is suitable for companies of any type and size. Contact us to arrange a demonstration or to see how this powerful system can benefit your organisation.

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