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Sales Landscape Analysis

Are You Concerned About Sales Productivity? Do You Want to Improve Sales Team Performance? Then Read On To Discover How a Landscape Analysis Can Help Your Team.

Whatever your role (CEO, MD, Finance Director, a Sales or Marketing Director, a business owner or in HR), a Sales Landscape Analysis will give you a clear picture of sales productivity and sales team performance “on the ground”. You’ll understand your market penetration, sales team performance in relation to sales opportunity, coverage and activity levels as well as customer spread by territory.

Tech4T’s unique sales analytics, data visualisation, mapping methodologies and Territory Runner software will ensure you know where adjustments to sales structure, targeting or sales operations could be beneficial and to what extent.


Use territory runner, custom designed to match your business data, to improve sales and territory planning

Visualise your sales ops in Territory Runner. Custom designed to match your business data, it will improve sales productivity and sales planning.

When Should a Sales Landscape Analysis be Considered

  • Change in products, markets, or structure
  • Taking over a new sales team or merging two teams
  • New competitors are entering the market
  • Need to reduce the field team size whilst maintaining effective coverage
  • Sales productivity and performance is patchy
  • Sales territories were created many years ago and are out of date
  • Customer segmentation is out-of-date or inaccurate
  • Visit planning is not based on the right intelligence
  • Sales are stagnant and targets are difficult to achieve

Benefits of a Sales Landscape Analysis

Geographic Visualisation of Your Sales Territories & Sales Productivity

Star Map of Sales Team Performance

A Star Map Showing Salespeople Base Locations with Links to Customers. Note the Cross-Over Between Team Members.

It may be a cliche but when it comes to a choice between looking at lines of data in Excel or seeing it displayed on a map, a picture truly is worth a thousands words. Insights leap out at you instantly! Typically different map layers would show:

  • The sales potential of each territory
  • Market penetration and gaps in coverage
  • Sales value of accounts by territory
  • Sales value of new business by territory
  • Distances traveled
  • Star maps showing the proximity of reps to customers & identification of overlap into other territories
  • Your territories, regions, customers, prospects, team base locations
  • Visualisation of customer locations broken down by customer value, active, inactive and lapsed segments plus any existing client segmentation


Testimonial – Sales Territory Optimisation, Design and Mapping
BSI Logo“I inherited a UK sales team across 12 UK territories, the territories themselves had been created and changed incrementally over a number of years with little thought or analysis. To improve sales performance I sought to restructure the territories and set about finding a consultant to help me, I whittled it down to 3 companies (including a very well-known UK organisation) and selected Tech4T because of 3 main reasons:

  • The company’s expertise and detailed knowledge.

  • The excellent value for money they offered.

  • The bespoke service they were able to provide.

The Tech4T team did a fantastic job at reviewing our territories and providing useful and practical recommendations both on territory optimisation and on our data management. The changes to the territories contributed to our success as a sales team and the data management feedback contributed to my business case for a major overhaul of our CRM. All in all a valuable, cost-efficient and expert service.”

Penny Townsend, National Sales Manager, BSI 

Sales Productivity, Coverage & Sales Team Performance

An analysis of sales team performance will show if the sales potential in each territory is similar, whether workload to reach targets is achievable (does the frequency and duration of visits needed match salespeople capacity), areas of low coverage and so on. Overall it will show if the sales team have a level playing field, if sales productivity is consistent and if there are enough suitably qualified people to service all  high value customers well. Results can include:

  • A comparison by territory of workload, number and type of customers, targets and achievements, sales by product
  • Comparison of differentials in sales team activities and travel distances
  • Identification of under- or over-utilisation of the sales team
  • Ratio of suitably qualified salespeople to service specialist customers

Markets, Customers & Products

A Sales Landscape Analysis will define your market size and penetration overall and by territory and region. You’ll be able to visualise your customers by active, inactive and lapsed categories and by segment – in total and by territory.

Often we find customer segmentation is out of date and/or data has not been collected in a consistent format so customers are misclassified (both under- and over-valued). We are experts in merging data from many different systems and spreadsheets to show you the true picture. This often uncovers many new sales opportunities in your current customer base. Outputs would include:

Results of a Sales Landscape Analysis and sales productivity are visualised in a customised Territory Runner system to improve sales team performance

Results of a Sales Landscape Analysis are visualised  in a customised Territory Runner system

  • Heat mapping to identify geographic “hot-spots” of sales opportunities
  • New sales opportunities in your customer base – the “low hanging fruit”
  • Identification of areas of market growth
  • Cross & up-sell opportunities with identification of the most popular products bought by customer segment
  • Reallocation of customers by sales channel based on value
  • Identification of high value customers whose trade is decreasing

The above is a flavour of the type of results that can be achieved but results for each client are unique.


A sales landscape analysis will identify areas where investment should pay off  in terms of sales productivity and/or increased sales. It can also be the catalyst for structured, manageable change to improve sales team performance with minimum risk and disruption.

Additionally, whilst this work will generate actionable insight in itself, it can also be the first step of a complete sales team optimisation project.

To explore how we can improve your sales function, call us on 01733 890790, Email Us or fill in our enquiry form.

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