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Franchise Territory Design for Bright & Beautiful

Franchise Territory Design

The Situation

Bright & Beautiful is an award-winning concept in domestic cleaning services, providing eco-friendly cleaning, tidying, laundry and ironing with the highest standards of security and service. The company offers a management style franchise opportunity to likeminded individuals who wish to replicate the success of the Bright & Beautiful brand. The Bright & Beautiful brand is proving very attractive with the franchise growing faster than average; this rapid growth is underpinned by a rigorous support process, extensive training and a viable, optimised territory infrastructure.

Recognising that one of the basic requisites for a successful franchise was the right franchise territory design – a network that offered high potential earnings to each franchisee equally – Bright & Beautiful explored several mapping companies before appointing Tech4T. Owner, Rachel Ray, said “Tech4T were definitely the most professional and knowledgeable!”.

The Challenge

Bright and Beautiful required UK territories attractive to prospective franchisees in terms of commercial opportunity, ease of travel, and manageable in size. They were also keen to avoid the common mistake of over-large territories that would result in loss of income to the franchise overall. In addition, as part of Bright and Beautiful’s support ethos, they required a clear picture across the country as to where their target market was located. This would enable them to guide the marketing and sales efforts of their franchisees to deliver maximum impact and new customers.

The Solution


I have already had a great return on investment because my territories are the ideal demographic and size.

The first step of any franchise territory design is for us to really understand the franchise model employed and Bright and Beautiful were no exception. A multitude of factors were considered – including the optimum number of clients, scalability of solution, growth over time, client demographics and operational methodologies.

Key requirements such as territory flexibility also needed to be incorporated into the proposed territory solution.
In addition, Bright & Beautiful had several existing territories. These were recreated in the overall UK infrastructure and ‘locked down’ to maintain the integrity of their boundaries.

UK franchise territory design

Following the exploratory phase, the Tech4T production team embarked on the franchise territory design, producing a bespoke UK territory network. As a matter of course, each territory contained a similar number of target clients and was optimised by the road infrastructure to keep franchisee travel time to a minimum. There followed extensive consultation with Bright & Beautiful to ensure their management team were completely happy with the territory network. A bespoke set of territory maps and datasheets were delivered to meet key company requirements, each illustrating different demographic criteria.

Tech4T’s work has been instrumental in supporting Bright & Beautiful’s fast growth. Their management team now have an easy, visual way to explain the opportunities on offer to potential investors and Bright & Beautiful can be confident in the strength of their offering to franchisee candidates.


I would definitely recommendTech4T for your mapping needs. Tech4T are a delight to deal with and extremely helpful. I have already had a great return on investment because my territories are the ideal demographic and size for my franchisees, allowing us to effectively plan our marketing.

Rachel Ray
Managing Director

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