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Franchise Location Mapping

BFASpatial analysis and franchise location mapping for retail and site-based franchises

If you run a site-based franchise, such as a restaurant, takeaway, hair or beauty salon, retail outlet or nursery, you will require a very different approach to franchise location mapping than “man in a van” style franchises.

A "heat map" illustrating potential market share for a proposed retail location

An example analysis for a potential retail location. This “heat map” shows the potential market share for an outlet based on the number and location of competitors.

Tech4T have extensive knowledge of the retail sector. Whether you’re considering a master franchise and needing to assess the outlet potential, a franchisor negotiating with franchisee candidates or a franchisee determining the best place to site an outlet, our structured process for site evaluation and franchise location mapping will add significant value to your business.

We examine the drivers of success relative to your sector and our franchise location analysis will clearly identify the size of your market and the profiles of your target customers surrounding potential locations.

Whether you’re looking at the whole country or just part, Tech4T can identify the optimal number of locations, ranking towns and cities based on the presence of your target customers.

Site location analysis and franchise territory mapping is a vital part of Harry Ramsden’s recruitment process…… it was clear Tech4T were the company for the job.
For more detailed negotiations, top-ranking areas can be more deeply analysed typically using gravity modelling. The demographics of the local population, centre attractiveness, footfall, the “pull” of complementary or competitive outlets are just some of the factors that would be taken into account.

Blueprint for network growth

This franchise location mapping process delivers a more granular view of specific city and town retail centres and sub-centres. A ranked shortlist of these would indicate the best locations in which to seek vacant premises that best suit your brand profile.  The most advantageous order in which to open outlets based on potential profitability would also be identified to give a blueprint for network growth.

Finding vacant premises

It’s not always possible to find a suitable unit in your ideal location. A “deep-dive” micro-location analysis will enable a comparison of specific centres or vacant premises, with each location being scored and ranked by potential profitability.  Which retail centres are becoming more attractive? Which centres are leaking expenditure to surrounding stronger centres? Which are in decline and have high numbers of empty retail units and temporary retailers? We would consider all these factors alongside proximity to footfall drivers and competitors, the presence of complementary retailers, the presence of  “dwell” factors. This work can include a site visit and an evaluation of alternative scenarios if required.

Tech4T can help in:

  • Defining the critical success factors that influence the performance of your outlets
  • Identifying your target customers and catchment areas
  • Helping your brand to gain market share
  • Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors
  • Avoiding locations incompatible with your brand or which are likely to be unprofitable (even if your competitors are there)
  • Ensuring franchise territories are valued correctly
  • Tailoring a franchise territory to a franchisee’s aspirations and budget
  • Maximising the number of profitable outlets strategically located across the country

Franchise Location Mapping and Analysis – Customer Testimonials

“Site location analysis and franchise territory mapping is a vital part of Harry Ramsden’s recruitment process. Therefore, it was important we found a company that could deliver our requirements. It was clear from the first meeting that Tech4T were the company for the job. The team have been highly professional and knowledgeable throughout the whole process and have delivered exactly what we were looking for and more! We are looking forward to Tech4T being a key partner of Harry’s as the franchise business grows.”

Chris Palmer, Commercial Manager & Company Secretary for Harry Ramsden’s


Tech4T have been integral by bringing our outlet mapping to life. From the outset they were helpful, professional and innovative. We have been very impressed with all that they have done so far and I would happily recommend them to others.”

Robert Dancy, UK Franchise Director of Kids Academy


Get in touch to see how Tech4T can help you with franchise location mapping and maximise the number of viable outlets for your franchise brand and help you support your franchisees with valuable marketing information.

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