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Franchise Marketing Support

Help your franchisees to focus sales and marketing budgets on the right people

Tech4T profile the current customers of a franchise to determine the best types of people or businesses to market and sell to. This enables franchisees to …Customer profiling and segmentation

  • Identify geographic areas where similar people or businesses can be found
  • Reduce marketing wastage by only targeting strong prospects
  • Develop more relevant offers and messaging to increase response rate – for instance, if you run a cleaning business you could have different messaging and offers for senior citizens and young professionals
  • Define target areas for leafleting with supporting street lists and maps for planning and to ensure areas have been covered

Where to find customers

To help with marketing campaign planning, we map areas where there are large concentrations of your target market so your franchisees know the best places to start. These maps are provided in a .pdf format and can also be loaded into our Territory Runner system (see below) to improve campaign planning and operations.

Mapping will help franchisees identify the location of their target market.

In the example above, ethnicity was used to tailor marketing material and products to suit the population at a very granular level. Thematically shaded heat maps can also be provided, indicating by colour the concentrations of target customers, high to low.

Prospect lists for telephone, direct mail and email marketing

Tech4T provide top quality prospect lists (business and consumers) tailored to suit franchisee budgets and target market. Our long established relationships with specialist data providers mean we can leverage great deals for our customers. Whatever your product or service, we can advise on who best to target and minimise wastage.

Lists can be provided in Excel format or via our Territory Runner Franchisee module – see below.  You can divide and group the lists however you like, visualise them on a map and export lists ready for telephoning, mail or email.

Improve sales by creating cross-sell opportunities

You may not group your products and/or services into “packages” which people buy together but Tech4T can identify if a substantial number of your customers are in fact buying such packages. This has two major benefits…

  • You can sell packages of complementary products to increase order value
  • Customers who have bought part of a “package” can be identified and targeted with offers for the remainder with a much higher likelihood of purchase

Territory Runner, Franchisee Module

Example Road List

Example road list highlighting the number of households and businesses on each and also the Postcodes each road is in

Franchisee marketing and sales software

A franchisee can select an area for marketing and export a list of the roads contained within it to Excel. Ideal for leafleting or door-to-door campaigns.

Ideal for planning and executing marketing and sales campaigns, Territory Runner is an excellent way for a franchisor to demonstrate support for territory owners.

We supply Territory Runner already loaded with customer and prospect lists, venues, competitors, business statistics – whatever is of interest to your business.

Franchisees can view all this information on the integrated map as well as a map layer shaded to indicate the best areas to find target customers. Use for leafleting for instance  –  franchisees simply decide which roads to leaflet, draw a campaign area on the map, add any details such as a date and leaflet description, then simply export the road list ready to go.

Campaign results

Campaign results can be recorded and full reporting lets franchisees keep track of who has had what campaign, the results, and identify what worked and what didn’t.

Radio/Newspaper/Magazine Coverage

Radio, newspaper or magazine coverage can be overlaid on territories in Territory Runner; you will soon see whether your target market is included in their catchment area. This insight let you make an informed decision as to whether investing in this type of media campaign is likely to generate sufficient enquiries.

Contact us to see how Tech4T can help you support your franchisees in growing a successful business.

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