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Franchise Network Review

Tech4T’s comprehensive franchise network review is designed to identify key areas for business growth, within each individual territory and across the network as a whole. Below are some of the areas Tech4T can help you with.

UK map territories not covering uk

Example franchise network review showing all sold territories and the areas of unsold geography. Tech4T can quantify the value of all unsold areas and create salable territories.

Territory Restructure

You may have sold one pilot territory or 101 over time. However many territories you have, and regardless of how they were originally created, Tech4T can undertake a comprehensive franchise network review to:

  • Map your existing territory structure, identifying any gaps in coverage, customer crossover and anomalies in size
  • Redesign your territory structure, without disturbing the boundaries of existing sold territories. This will give you the maximum number of viable territories in all unsold parts of the country
  • Assess the true value of resale territories. Often there is scope to increase sales above those achieved by the incumbent owner, and hence the sale value of the territory


Motivating your franchisees

Assessing franchisee performance on sales alone can be a mistake as this overlooks other significant influencing factors. The size of a territory, the number of target customers in it, the road network, the drive time for franchisee and customer to transact – these all help to put sales figures in perspective.



Franchise network review - graph to show the correlation between franchisee customer visits and sales

The franchise network review can assess franchisee customer and prospect visits, and analyse their correlation with franchisee sales. This type of analysis clearly identifies those franchisees that are not achieving sufficient sales in relation to the number of visits they make, enabling franchisors to support them with additional training.


During a franchise network review Tech4T will identify those franchisees in need of extra motivation and support to achieve targets; we give you:

  • A performance comparison between territories. This would incorporate the current revenue potential for each territory based on the demographic profile of the population to ensure a fair comparison
  • A demographic report for each territory or area, together with recommendations for improving performance
  • Your market penetration within each territory or area
  • The revenue potential based on the demographic makeup (not just on past purchases)

Franchisee Operations

We can visualise your franchisee locations and those of their customers. See territory coverage at a glance.

Franchise network review - graph illustrating percentage of customers within varying drive time distances from the franchisee's home or office.

The franchise network review can idenfiy the percentage of customers who are located within 30, 60, 90, 120 and 150 minutes of the franchisee’s home location. This analysis illustrates how far afield the franchisee has ventured in order to recruit customers, and also how far they have to travel to reach the majority of their customers (assuming a traditional man in a van style franchise model). If most customers are close to the base location, this can be an indication that the territory is too large.

Increasing Marketing Response  Profiling of all franchise customers to determine the characteristics and behaviour of your most profitable customers, how they can be divided into specific groups (segmented) and where you can find more of them. More relevant offers can be developed for each group to increase the response rate to your advertising.

Illustration to demonstrate product grouping

Taking the simple milk, eggs and bread example, if your analysis shows people of a particular profile typically buy eggs, bread and milk, you can contact all those who buy, for example just eggs and bread, with an offer of milk.

You may not group your products and/or services into “packages” of say three which people buy together but Tech4T can identify if a substantial number of your customers are in fact buying such packages. This has two benefits. Firstly your team can sell packages of complementary products instead of individual products; this will increase order value. Secondly, we can categorise those customer who have only bought one or two items from a package and they can be specifically targeted with offers for the remainder with a much higher likelihood of purchase.

Not all people are your customers but Tech4T can tell you the best geographic places to look to find profitable new ones. We can highlight on a map marketing hotspots – concentrations of your best types of customers, right down to street level. Ideal for leafleting and direct mail campaigns. Tech4T can assess your franchisee’s customers by territory – how many does each have, how much are each of them worth, what is the mix, what is the potential.        

General Business Assessment Are you recording the right data and do you have the right systems in place? Whether you operate a territorial or outlet based franchise, to see how Tech4T can help you improve performance call us on 01733 890 790, email us or click here for our enquiry form.

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