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Territory Runner

Franchise territory mapping software designed to help you plan, map, sell and manage franchise territories and find great new locations for your business

BFATerritory Runner™  powerful online franchise mapping software to help you plan, sell and manage your territories. Locate and share the right level of information with your candidates and franchisees instantlyand from anywhere with an internet connection!

Territory Runner™ should not be confused with general mapping software.  We have designed the system with one purpose in mind and that is to improve your franchise territory sales process – sell more at the right price, with the right level of opportunity and faster!  And for site location planning, it’s the same.  We give you a clearer understanding of site potential with the best possible way to communicate it!

Territory Runner Web-Based Franchise System

  • On-line system tailored to your business and developed specifically to help you plan, sell and manage territories / site location areas, with options to also help your franchisees or licensees grow sales
  • Web pages styled to match your brand; configured to suit business and individual user preferences
  • Hybrid solution – Tech4T take care of the research, analysis, data and technology. We can create
    an optimum territory or site location network, load your own structure or you can design your own
  • Demographics, geographic overlays and optionally prospect data to match your target market profile/s
  • Utilises Bing maps – shows road, satellite, London A-Z or Ordnance Survey background maps
  • Worldwide multi-brand, multi-territory capability, with ‘free’ list building – venues, competitors, prospects, footfall attractors…
  • Custom development and add-on options to extend operational capability

Client testimonial

We have been working with Tech4T for quite some time now, they have always been great at getting back to us in a timely manner and accommodating our needs. We recently updated our territory maps using their new Territory Runner system. We currently have 6 countries mapped on it and looking to add more. Each country has a specific set of demographic and balancing requirements due to their variations in culture and geography.

tutor_doctorTech4T was great at looking for the best territory design solution for each country. We worked together until it was exactly what we were looking for. The team loves the Territory Runner system, it is easy to navigate and a great tool for reviewing territories with potential franchisees. As it is interactive, we can create exclusive Share Maps for each candidate facilitating the sales and management process and keeping information up to date.
Fiorella Alva – Franchise Development Assistant Manager, Tutor Doctor

Territory Runner ™ can be extended to suit your exact business model

Territory Runner Options

For instance, we can include your customer and sales data and synchronise updates with your back office systems

Worldwide coverage

Not only will Territory Runner franchise mapping software support multiple brands it will also handle franchise territories wherever in the world you need - all from a single system

Territory Runner™ franchise mapping software for UK and international territories

Territory Runner ™ lets you view data anywhere in the world; all you need is internet access.  Your data is kept secure and there’s a full permissions system so you control who can see what.

Whether you are developing an exclusive or non exclusive territory structure, base your network on outlet or venue locations or just need to map out marketing territories, we can build a Territory Runner ™ system to suit.

What’s more we can pre-create territories or sub-territory building blocks that are optimised to maximise the value of your franchise.

Or we can pre-determine the optimum number of outlets you can operate without the risk of cannibalisation.


Territory Runner ™ franchise mapping software can help your franchisees get productive as quickly as possible

  • Centralised database to protect your franchise data
  • View customer, prospect and venue details on maps and in list form for sales and marketing activity – includes contact details, company name and address and profile information
  • Keep track of customers and prospects by recording all activity, including sales transactions
  • Search and query all data; save selections to view on the map – e.g. “Monday’s work”, or “hot prospects”
  • Analyse territory demographics to plan marketing activities; make informed decisions as to where best to market, recruit or locate venues
  • Select and export customer/prospect records for direct mail, telemarketing and email
  • Export road lists for leaflet delivery; record marketing campaign results
  • Schedule visits and phone calls to customers and prospects, and create optimised route plans
  • Track sales performance over time and in comparison to the franchise network as a whole

Contact us for a demonstration to see how Territory Runner ™  franchise mapping software can improve your territory sales process and help you manage your territories more efficiently.

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