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Territory Runner™- The Ultimate Franchise Territory Mapping Software

Strategically plan, map and sell more franchise territories. Select great new locations. An essential tool for your expanding franchise business.

franchise territory mapping software

Demographic counts by age of children & social grades (top right) with territory close-up colour coded (heat mapped) to show high & low concentrations of your target market

In today’s saturated marketplace, franchisors need to understand how to scale their operation without cannibalising their business or targeting unsustainable locations. Tech4T’s franchise territory mapping software, Territory Runner, is the perfect solution. We give you all the intelligence needed to ensure franchise territories are commercially viable and stores are opened in the best local markets.

Territory Runner customised online systems are matched to exact franchisor requirements, taking into account:

  • Demographic data
  • Cartography
  • Branding
  • Database content

Our franchise territory mapping software brings together multiple brands and countries in a single system, giving you all the information needed to grow your franchise network sustainably.

Why Do You Need Territory Runner?

For franchisees, their territory is the cornerstone of their business, providing them with customers, revenue and the potential for growth. If a territory is too small, their chances of expanding are limited. If territorial borders are poorly planned, neighbouring franchisees will be competing for the same customers, cannibalising your business and creating inefficiency.

Tech4T’s franchise territory mapping software can help you overcome these challenges in the following ways:

For Territory Sales

Territory Runner franchise territory mapping software

UK franchise territory map with territories colour coded by status such as sold and available.

Our franchise territory mapping software allows franchisors to substantiate the value of their franchise by clearly displaying territorial demographics, allowing you to create heat maps that demonstrate low to high concentrations of your target market. Geographic data relevant to your operation – such as school and hospital locations, and businesses by type or size – can be incorporated, providing a comprehensive range of territory sales tools.

You can easily locate available territories in a candidate’s area by searching for a postcode, zip code or place name. New territories can be created and existing boundaries adjusted to suit the preferences of your franchisees.

Territories can be shared online instantly and securely with franchisee candidates as a digital map complete with demographic data. We give you total control of the information you want to share, and you can even set a date for the map link to expire. Alternatively, isolate a territory – incorporating heat mapping data if you wish – and download it as a PDF.

We also give you complete control over sharing and storing your territory list. Choose to export your data with the postcodes contained within each territory, and with accompanying demographic information – either as a summary (for all territories) or in a detailed list (for each individual territory).

For Territory Management

Once you’ve defined your territorial boundaries, our franchise territory mapping software provides you with a single source of truth for managing their performance and status.

The sales performance of different territories can be compared side by side, allowing you to understand the factors that impact franchisee performance by accounting for a range of key factors, including:

  • Territory demographics
  • Location demographics
  • Competitor locations

Business statistics, lifestyle data and demographic information can be used to support your franchisees through carefully planned, intelligently targeted marketing and sales activity.

We also offer various tools to keep track of your territories. Gaps and overlaps in coverage can be quickly identified, alongside relevant points of interest such as schools and healthcare providers. Individual territory maps can be printed out for inclusion in your franchise agreements.

Track the status of your territories from a single point, with the following filters:

  • Sold
  • Under offer
  • For resale
  • Available

Each status is displayed by a different territory colour, and you can choose to view territories based upon their status. To save you trawling through physical files or spreadsheets, owner details can be stored and easily accessed via our resource database.

For Location Planning

Mitigating the risks of franchise planning is all about gaining deep knowledge of the local market and customer analysis.

Should you avoid areas with a high concentration of rival businesses, or does the amount of choice on offer have a disproportionately positive impact on footfall? Questions like this can only be answered with data. With our franchise territory mapping software, you’ll have access to a whole suite of location and business intelligence tools at your fingertips.

The sales potential of a given postcode or zip code can be evaluated via a range of metrics, including drive time and distance. You can identify the population mix and proximity to complementary businesses that drive higher sales, as well as evaluating potential sites based on a range of demographic, economic and geographic factors, including transportation links and competitor locations.

How International Franchise Networks Can Benefit From Territory Runner

View franchise territories for multiple countries in one territory mapping system.

Manage an international territory network from one territory system

Territory Runner caters for multi-country and multi-brand networks within a single system. Your data is kept secure and there’s a full permissions system, so you control who sees what. Head office can see all country and territory data; master franchisees can see their own country data only; and territory owners can see their own territory data.

Territory Runner is integrated with Bing maps to provide worldwide coverage alongside market-leading business intelligence data, including:

  • More than 1,700 fields of demographic data from the UK Census, covering population, age, marital status, living arrangements, ethnicity, race, religion, health, economic activity, employment, housing, households and vehicles
  • Business statistics including companies by type, employee number and turnover
  • International base cartography such as zipcodes or UK postal sectors, districts and areas, counties or administrative areas

An array of demographic and geographic overlays can be added, such as competitor locations, schools, healthcare facilities and tailored customer footfall attractors – whether that’s a John Lewis department store, a specific restaurant chain, or a gym or cinema chain.

Client testimonial: Fiorella Alva, Franchise Development Assistant Manager at Tutor Doctor

We have been working with Tech4T for a long time now. [They are] great at accommodating our needs. We currently have 11 countries mapped on it and are looking to add more. Each country has a specific set of demographic and balancing requirements due to their variations in culture and geography. tutor_doctor

Tech4T was great at looking for the best territory design solution for each country. We worked together until it was exactly what we were looking for. The team loves the Territory Runner system, it is easy to navigate and a great tool for reviewing territories with potential franchisees. As it is interactive, we can create exclusive Share Maps for each candidate, facilitating the sales and management process and keeping information up to date.”

Supporting Services

Franchise Territory Mapping Service

We work with you to fully understand your customer profile and develop the best territories for your organisation, all designed to take account of the difference between city and rural areas. Delivered in a customised Territory Runner system, territories are ready for you to start selling.

Location Planning

We can develop a roadmap for your business in terms of the best areas to open a new site, prioritised by opening sequence based on potential sales. Alternatively, we can deliver a custom location planning “decision support” Territory Runner system containing all the information your organisation needs to make an informed decision on available sites.

Typically including competitor and attractor data, you can evaluate and compare different locations based on target demographics, customer analysis and sales potential within user defined drive or walk times, drive or walk distances or a distance radius around a location.

Custom Systems

For customers who need something a bit different, we can offer custom development and add-on options to extend operational capability.

British Franchise Association Contact us for an online demonstration with a franchise territory expert to see how Territory Runner™ franchise mapping software can help you sell and manage territories effectively.


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