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Franchise Territory Mapping

Franchise territory mapping – using franchise territories to give you competitive advantage

Territory designed created for the Arsenal Soccer School franchise. This design also included the locations of additional information - Schools and Football Clubs

If you’re thinking of expanding your business by franchising you need franchise territory planning and mapping with the right commercial drivers. Each franchise territory needs the right number of target customers (whether consumers or businesses) for your franchisees to grow a profitable company. What’s more, the territory design process needs to demonstrate that your franchisees will be able to hit sales targets.

Tech4T’s Franchise Territory Mapping service is underpinned by 20 plus years of data analytics experience, all of which is employed to give you a competitive advantage! If you want to be able to persuade a franchisee candidate to sign up to your brand, you need territories tailored to your business – not an off-the-shelf set of maps that your competitors may use.

If franchise territories have too many prospects to realistically service…

… you run the risk of reducing your revenue potential. Franchisees will struggle to tap into all available opportunities and there will be room for your competitors to gain a foothold.

This example shows a franchise territory built solely by gut feel and selecting Postcodes. The red line shows the territory boundary. The blue line shows the right-sized territory after being balanced on demographics substantiated from prior customer analysis and also taking account of the road infrastructure. This provides the right number of prospects to the franchisee to support business growth

Best guess territory design – so what can go wrong?

If you have insufficient prospects…

…your franchisees will soon run out of steam as the opportunities dry up.  They will become disillusioned and your brand – and territory sales – may suffer.

Tech4T work with franchise companies of all sizes

We use franchise territory mapping to create one-off pilot territories for franchisors looking to “dip a toe in the water” and national territory structures for new and established franchises (we would preserve the boundaries of sold territories).

Our tailored deliverables are designed to make your franchise package stand out. We deliver the information needed to make investors comfortable going ahead with your company and driving territory sales.

Our franchise territory mapping process is straightforward

step1A consultation to understand your business model, your commercial objectives, your competitors, key demographics and time-frame.

Where possible we analyse your existing business and its’ customer base and use the resulting insights to determine the right territory design methodology to maximise the appeal of your brand.


Proof of concept territory designs. We define your territory boundaries or catchment areas based on target demographics or an analytically derived index that would take account of multiple demographic or business metrics.

We provide sample outputs in a digital format which you can evaluate and refine to give your franchisees the right mix of size and sales opportunity.

step3Delivery of your territory franchise maps. Your final bespoke territory structure will provide the ideal number of saleable territories for your business with franchise territory maps professionally customised with your company colours and logo. Delivery is in our online franchise system Territory Runner so maps can be easily shared with candidates and appended to legal agreements.

Franchise Territory Runner - Keep track of available vs sold and under offer territories easily, online.

Franchise Territory Runner – Keep track of available vs sold and under offer territories easily, online.

Our Franchise Territory Maps

High-resolution maps for each territory are thematically shaded to show high concentrations of “best potential customers”. This enables franchisees to understand which areas are likely to give the best return on marketing investment.

Our territory demographic datasheets will give you confidence that each territory has significant potential for the franchisee. They also ensure the franchisee can clearly understand which geographic area they have been awarded. And if lead generation is centralised, a Postal allocation file ensures enquiries can be quickly assigned to the appropriate territory.

Supporting Demographic Data Sheets

An example of the data sheets we provide for individual territories as part of our franchise territory mapping solution. Contact us today.

Franchise territory data sheet - part of our franchise territory mapping solution

Tech4T provide a data sheet that sits behind each territory we create for you. Data sheets are an invaluable resource for franchisor and franchisee alike. In this example parts of Wales are described using 2011 Census and postal information. All part of the Tech4T service.

Franchise Territory Mapping and Design – Testimonial


“We have worked with Tech4T for a number of years and they have always delivered on their promises. Recently we re-mapped the UK and had close contact with their team for a number of weeks. Throughout this, they kept us informed of progress, responded quickly and efficiently to our queries and provided excellent training on the new mapping system.

They are always a pleasure to work with.”

Lesley Jarrard, Franchise Development Director

Tech4T can provide Franchise Territory Design for most companies worldwide. Here is a top level view of Australia

Dutch territory design viewed in Territory Runner where ownership can be set and demographics for any territory displayed

Tech4T have mapped literally hundreds of franchise networks over the years, in the UK, Eire and worldwide. You can, therefore, be confident we know what we are talking about. Contact us for an informal chat and expert advice on the best way to grow your business through franchising and how our franchise mapping services will help you.

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