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Free Sales Tools

‘What-if’ tools for strategic and tactical sales and marketing planning

Our totally free sales planning tools help you quickly understand the potential costs of marketing and sales activities. By using our sales planning tools you can instantly see the impact of varying sales targets, marketing activity, visit frequency and so on. More accurately plan the steps needed to cost-effectively drive revenue and increase profits.


Use our calculators to quickly evaluate top-level scenarios to:

  • assess the size of your field force or sales team
  • gauge the effect of varying visit frequencies or activity focus
  • explore how best to maximise customer value
  • determine what level of lead generation activity is needed to support the field team

Free Sales Tools

Click on the menu items top right to explore the different calculators – occasionally they take a little while to load so please be patient. Enter your own values and the calculators will dynamically change, usually reflecting the results in the bottom panel. If calculators do not display, this may be due to a limitation of your browser as calculators require a ‘flash’ plugin.

>>>So please enable Flash in your browser <<<

Note. Flash is unfortunately not supported on iPads.

If you wish to discuss anything regarding the sales planning tools or perhaps would like some more expert advice on your next steps, please feel free to contact us. We can help you with field force optimisation including correctly sizing and positioning your teams in order to maximise results.

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