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Lead Generation

How many enquiries is enough?

Use this our Lead Generation calculator to determine how many enquiries you need to generate to produce sufficient leads and sales for your sales teams.

To start, enter the target turnover needed for the current year (in total or for a specific product or service) and then how much of the income will need to come from new business. Next enter the gross sales margin, the average order value and how many sales people will be handling the leads. Now enter the estimated marketing cost to each prospect, the expected initial response and whether the enquirers come from direct mail or email. Treat other online media as email. Then set the number of enquirers that have qualified interest and lastly the likely conversion to new business. Finally set the average time it takes you to close a sale. The results appear in the bottom panel of the calculator.  For more information, click here or telephone Tech4T on 01733 890790. 

If lead generation involves direct mail or email marketing, this sampling size calculator should prove useful. It helps you determine the size of a sample mailing or email/social media campaign based on an expected response. If that response is achieved, you can then be confident to the confidence level you set as to how many responses you are likely to receive if you roll out the campaign to an audience sharing the same profile as your test campaign.

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