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Team Sizing

Establish whether your field team is under or over resourced

Use this free calculator to determine if you have the right size and shape of field-force to meet your customer and prospect visit quotas.

Start by entering the current size of your field team, the average number of visits each person makes in a day, and the number of days someone in the field has available to make visits each year. Next enter the number of customers on your database that fall into each of your top three segments together with the number of visits needed to each customer within each segment per year. Also don’t forget influencers. These are the people who may not actually place orders but who instead recommend your products or services to other companies or people and therefore need to be kept in contact with.

Now you can enter the amount of visit capacity each person has available to make calls per annum and then try adding or removing field sales people to see the effect. Note. This calculator does not take account of the locations of your field team nor the locations of customers or prospects. It does though provide a guide as to whether you have the right number of people in your field team. For more information, click here or telephone Tech4T on 01733 890790. 

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