Experts in Territory, Location & Field Force Optimisation

Introduction to M&A

M&A is often complex and prone to failing to capture the expected synergies (McKinsey put it at 70%).

All the involved parties work hard to get all the big things right, but in doing so lose sight of the medium sized issues.

One of the biggest of those ‘medium’ sized issues is the Integration of Field Teams (Sales reps, Area Managers, Assessors, Auditors etc. All those employees that are mobile and often based from home or satellite offices.

We have a proven track record in the Optimisation and Integration of Field Teams. We don’t do this subjectively, but take a deep dive into all available and relevant data to ensure an objective process, a process that takes into account the current and future plans on NewCo.

There is a difference in emphasis in what we do, depending on the circumstances and who we are acting for. We have broken our further information into the tabs on this micro-site.

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