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Local Marketing Strategies

Should I tailor my products and services to match the local population?

Not all retail centres can sustain a high cost full-service proposition given the consequences of centre polarisation (the strong becoming stronger, and the weak weaker).Defining target market areas to support specific retail locations

So what does this mean to you? Do you understand the customer profile of each of the areas in which you trade and how these differ to your national brand profile? Would developing local marketing strategies increase the traffic to your stores?

Increase store traffic with local marketing strategies

Greater understanding of the population surrounding your outlets opens up a rich source of targeted marketing opportunities. With your branches in the right places and offering the products and services that appeal to local tastes, Tech4T help you focus your local marketing strategies and campaigns to get exactly the right people to visit and buy.

Examples might be leading on range and service in more aspirational centres and on price in the more deprived markets. But it can go much further than that:

  • Quality, cost and frequency of store refit can be flexed to reflect these differences
  • Retail ambiance can be subtly influenced by graphics which reflect the local consumer values
  • Product range stocked can be varied to suit local tastes,  minimising wastage and maximising sales from products with high potential
  • Direct mail campaigns, including catalogue distribution, can be aligned with your website and store network for maximum impact
  • The profile of your staff could better reflect the market profile
  • Security systems can be enhanced in areas at higher risk of crime
  • Deliver individually targeted email content with promotions tailored to local stores

Tech4T can identify critical differences in local market profiles and, having understood your business strategy and commercial objectives, help you optimise profitability by more effectively varying your approach in different locations.

Contact us to see how you can use local marketing strategies to increase store footfall and trading figures for each of your branches.

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