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Territory Runner, Retail Edition

Territory Runner, Retail & Location Analysis Edition

Many retail organisations or companies selling through stockists, have limited in-house resources to properly identify and evaluate potential sites when deciding where to offer their products. Others have trouble combining data from diverse business systems to give them the big picture about store, stockist or product performance.

Territory Runner software is ideal for solving these types of problems. Fully customisable, it comes loaded with data from your own systems plus external demographic and business statistics. Put figures in the context of the demographics of the surrounding population to see if your star performers really are the top stores.

Territory Runner can display catchment areas, target demographics, potential locations, competition, etc.

Territory Runner can display catchment areas, target demographics, potential locations, competition, etc.

Territory Runner has powerful mapping, segmentation and database functionality enabling you to:

  • Identify and evaluate potential store or stockist locations
  • Compare sales performance over time, store by store, region by region
  • View stores, stockists and competitors on the fully integrated map
  • Identify trends and relationships just not possible to see in any other retail software
  • View your store catchment areas with drive time bands; understand how far your customers travel
  • Understand the demographic make-up of catchment areas
  • Understand the sales potential of each store
  • Select the best locations for roadshows, local marketing campaigns and leafleting
  • Store information against outlets such as contact details and lines carried
  • Custom reporting


Territory Runner is an on-line system so there is no software to install and it can be set up in a matter of days. Fully supported by our experienced data management and data analysis teams, it comes fully loaded with your own data. If we have carried out any services work for you, outputs from this, such as bespoke customer maps , can be loaded in as well.

User friendly and low cost, Territory Runner is the ideal tool for people with limited or no technical expertise who wish to explore and interact with their data geographically.

Contact us to see how we can help you achieve your location planing objectives.

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