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Relocation Analysis

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Are you considering whether to relocate some or all of your operations but you don’t know where to start?

Retail location analysisYou may have a “gut-feel” that your business will benefit from relocation but stakeholders and your bank need an independent validation of whether the proposal stands up to scrutiny.

Whether you are looking for an independent cost / benefit analysis of different options, validation of an existing business case or a complete solution, including identifying available units in the markets or sites which best match your needs, we can help. We have a flair for blending art with geo-science to solve real world business challenges and minimise your risk.

The questions to consider can be very different depending on the type of relocation analysis

For head office relocations, the relative attractiveness of the different labour markets can be very important. Does the labour market profile match your employee profile? Is the location more or less accessible for your staff (if retention of skilled labour is key to success) relative to your competitors and your customers?

Would a head office or sales office relocation enable you to increase regional market penetration or expose your most valuable customers to more convenient competitors? We can help you identify the size of the potential opportunity and to quantify any areas of risk.

For retail relocations, how do the different options compare to your competitors against a score-card of the drivers of success?

Where stores are under-performing relative to the size of opportunity, would a retail store relocation drive sufficient revenue to increase profitability? If you have an opportunity to exercise a lease break, would relocation to a higher footfall location be a better option than renewing a lease in a declining part of town?

Our approach to relocation analysis is flexible and can be tailored to address any business decision

Geographic visualisation

Rod Stewart once said “Every picture tells a story, don’t it?” We can help you paint a picture for your stakeholders so they understand the often complex spatial dynamics of relocation evaluation. Tech4T have powerful visualisation tools to bring to life relationships between your current and potential sites and your customers or your competitors.

“Customers” in a retail context could be patients in a health centre or dental surgery relocation or even students in an independent school relocation evaluation.

Out-sourcing and franchising location options

With businesses constantly looking to reduce costs, out-sourcing and franchising of services may be an option. Centralised high-cost and inflexible service provision can be devolved to be nearer your customers and at lower cost. Where are the relocation options which offer the convenience and accessibility your customers demand, whilst minimising the cost of service delivery? “Location” in this context could be an employee’s or franchisee’s home or a man-in-a-van mobile solution. Whatever the definition of “location” and “customer”, Tech4T can help you make more robust business decisions.

Business sectors

Our consultants have experience of helping clients in different sectors relocate their operations:

  • Head office and call-centre relocations
  • Regional office relocations
  • Sales office relocations
  • Retail store consolidation (2 stores into 1) including relocations to a new site in the same town or a different town
  • School relocations

We are able to provide expert insights into the relocation of any type of business, where location is key. Importantly, we produce an independent analysis, conclusions and recommendations which are often required by banks and the different stakeholders.

If you would like an opportunity to discuss how Tech4T can help you with a relocation cost benefit analysis, please get in touch.

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