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Customer Targeting, Analysis, Profiling & Segmentation

We transform, analyse and map data to improve customer and sales targeting, deliver market and business insights, identify customer risk and find new sales opportunities for your business.

Mapping analysis, customer targeting and segmentationImproving field sales, marketing, franchise or retail outlet productivity starts with customer targeting and analysis. Spending time and resources targeting the right people, businesses or outlets will increase sales and reduce costs. However, to identify the right target audience for new customer acquisition, cross or up-selling, retention or reactivating lapsed customers, you need:

  • A complete, reliable data foundation. We have 20 plus years expertise merging and analysing disparate databases and spreadsheets. We integrate and enhance large data sets to deliver complete, robust and reliable intelligence that previously may well have remained hidden. This includes location-enhancement and displaying information geographically using accurate geocoding. We resolve issues arising from poor quality, duplicated or disparate data, to creating a complete ‘single view’ of your customer universe which can be delivered through an online database or in whatever format you need
  • Transaction-driven customer profiling and segmentation. We use predictive analytics to uncover the nuggets buried deep within your data, augment this with external data and research and translate sales transaction and buying patterns into actionable targeting segments. Each segment – a group of people or businesses each sharing similar behavioural or business type characteristics (their profile) – will be defined at sufficient granularity to enable you to easily define the right offer or sales approach
  • Customer potential modelling and activity planning. We forecast the sales potential for each customer – new and current – and the segment to which they belong, and work with you to define the right contact or visit plan and activity frequency. This includes computing current or predictive customer lifetime value. What’s more, we take account of geographic-based opportunities (nearby customers or prospects), competitors and use basket analysis to identify patterns in products or services your customers purchased

Marketing analysis, targeting the right customers to grow your business requires the right insightsExperts In Customer Analysis & Sales Targeting

Tech4T has a wealth of experience in data transformation and management, predictive and spatial analytics, and territory mapping. We invest heavily in resources and technology of the right kind to deliver the targeting insights that keep you ahead of your competitors. This valuable information supports the development of effective business change, marketing and sales strategies as well as operational processes.

Our customer tracking and sales targeting insights can be used to compare and track changes in customer trading behaviour regionally. This gives field sales and marketers the ability to profile customers and target the right prospects with the right message at the right time to maximise revenue potential and minimise the risk of defection to a competitor.

To find out more about our customer profiling and segmentation, call us on 01733 890790.

mapping analysis. How postcode areas and maps impact sales performance

We can analyse and map your customers and prospects, classifying by status, bad debt, industry sector, customer satisfaction, sales opportunity…

We help answer all the important questions vital to business planning and sales success, such as:

  • Which products should we be selling to whom?
  • How big is the market? What share have I got? Is the market in a state of growth or decline?
  • Which high potential customers are at risk of defection to my competitors? Where are they?
  • How can I increase customer retention and reactivate lapsed high value customers?
  • How can I predict customer and prospect behaviour for improved contact strategies ?
  • What do my ideal customers look like? And where can I find more of them?
  • What offer are they most likely to respond to?
  • Who is ripe for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities?
  • Why do some reps perform better than others?
  • How do I allocate the right contact channel (tel call, visit, direct communication) to the right customers?
  • How best do I divide a geographical region into territories for marketing (overlaid with TV, local radio, newspaper distribution areas) or for planning outsourcing work?

To see how we can help you gain a competitive advantage from our marketing intelligence, mapping analysis and customer insights, get in touch with one of our skilled team members today!

Testimonial – Customer Targeting 

Celsius International logo“Tech4T have worked with us carrying out specialised targeting analysis on behalf of our multi-national customers.  We have always found that they have provided strong and, importantly, actionable insights into the data and then given us an efficient ongoing service for our customers’ marketing campaigns.  We are very pleased to continue to work with Tech4T.”

Tom Richardson, Managing Director, Celsius International

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