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Data services, integration, data cleaning, file merging – let us unlock the value in your data

Buried deep within your data are the triggers that can release more sales opportunities and improve team effectiveness and efficiency. However, if your data is spread across disparate sources – spreadsheets, lists, databases, systems… then without being able to see the big picture – a single version of the truth – you are never going to have the information you need to underpin improved sales planning, customer targeting and smarter decision making.

Creating and maintaining a ‘single customer view’, especially for companies selling to other businesses, is time consuming and requires skills, resource and technology of the right kind. Tech4T can undertake this work for you – cost effectively and quickly – including selecting and extracting data for you as and when required. We are particularly adept at the complex linkages of B2B data – group, company, multi-sites, multi-contacts at sites.

Output may form the data foundation for an analysis project, a direct marketing campaign, sales or franchise territory design or be restructured ready for loading into your operational systems or our Territory Runner solution.

Testimonial – Data Cleansing, Enhancement, De-duplication and Professionalism of Service

Infor logo“In our line of industry, we firmly believe that data is paramount to how we understand, target and conduct our daily business operations. Without good data, it is impossible to grow/visualise opportunities, or have a clear understanding on how we are actually accomplishing business to date. We saw a need to cleanse and enhance our UK DB and looked towards Tech4T to provide this service. It was obvious to us, from very early on, that Tech4T were extremely proficient, professional and excellent in communicating throughout the entire project. On return of our UK DB, we were very impressed with the cleansed data, enhancement and brilliantly put together work by all the Tech4T team.

From Tech4T’s great work, we have managed to trim our UK prospect DB by nearly 20%, which in a global data sense to Infor is excellent. We can positively state that we are continuing to work with Tech4T for our data needs moving forward, the quality and flexibility of services provided is invaluable. We are very pleased to recommend Tech4T to anyone looking to improve data and find collaborative workable data solution.”

Brad Waterfield, Global Data Manager, Infor 

Database enhancement and identifying gaps in your information

Databases frequently have incomplete data or require cleansing and enhancement. However, having a complete and accurate data or knowledge base is crucial for both planning and as a platform to launch sales and marketing initiatives. It is therefore important that missing or inconsistent information is identified and corrected.

The state of your database?However complex your files, we can add or correct non-standard information, quickly and easily. We audit and analyse your data using a mix of statistical measures to identify, where for example, data does not fall within a range of expected values, or where there is data with conflicting meaning.

Additionally, where your database holds business information we can undertake gap analysis. This typically follows a detailed database profiling and analytics project to accurately quantify your market size and identify appropriate areas of new business. We match your data against a business universe to identify and resolve missing profile information (SIC and industry type, number of employees, etc.), append additional company records that you do not already have from a specific industry sector, and where you have only a few contacts within a target company but these not what you need, we append more from a wider choice of job descriptions.

For consumer data, we can match your postcodes to socio and geo-demographic data systems to append profiles which will then increase understanding and aid campaign targeting.

We can also source additional prospect lists to supplement your data.

Merging data from multiple sources

We use multiple parameters when matching disparate data files

We use up to 16 different match keys to find duplication in your data!

For successful marketing and sales campaigns and to build a ‘single customer view’ database from scratch, it’s often necessary to merge information from different systems such as finance, operations and CRM.  Whatever your systems, or where your source data is held in a mixture of spreadsheets, text lists and/or databases, we can merge it and remove duplicates. Importantly, where there are duplicated records, we don’t just retain the most recent record, we amalgamate all your valuable information to create one master record.

Data standardisation

When it comes to interpreting data meaning, could you be confusing apples with oranges?

When it comes to interpreting data meaning, could you be confusing apples with oranges?

Having inconsistent data can have a major impact on your business. Different company departments often operate diverse coding systems or use differing terminology. Or a problem may have arisen if data is taken from multiple lists or spreadsheets in varying formats or from different sources. Or perhaps data migration from a legacy system has resulted in a new database having a mix of old and new meanings. Job titles, industry classifications, product groups, stock codes and descriptions can be especially problematic. Some examples:

  • Missed opportunities – you want to cross-sell or up-sell a new product to a segment of your database. To ensure relevance you want to find people who previously purchased a specific product or mix of products. But due to inconsistent codes and descriptions and the way sales values are banded, you cannot select the people you really need. Result – higher marketing costs, less response, less orders, less profit.
  • Poor decision making – you’re looking at product demand in order to determine your sales, marketing and stock holding strategies for the coming months. However, from one system you get one picture. From another, a somewhat different answer. From product records you believe there are X existing customers. But your reports show Y, and even then, the numbers just don’t add up. You therefore go with your gut feel and end up with incorrect sales and marketing strategies, and purchase more stock than you need. Why? Usually because you don’t have a single view of your data and customers, and the data you do have has different meanings across systems.
  • Financial direction – looking through reports, sales values are not as you expect. Why? Because the business performance analysis is based on value bands rather than raw values – and the way the bands have been created is different across systems and/or companies. For instance, in one system the bands are 1-4, 5-9, 10-19, 20-99. In another, 1-10,11-25, 26-50… So if you select ’10’, you get results in one system of 10-19, and in the other, 1-10. Then there is the question of variations in sales reporting and differences across KPIs. Only half of the products sold are reported and KPI significance varies. Why? Because of coding variations between old and new product ranges and differences in the formulae and base data used to create the KPIs.

Tech4T’s data standardisation services will ensure no more guessing what your data means and prevent skewed intelligence.


Sales Territory Design principlesIf your data has a geographic component such as a street address or Postcode, Tech4T can append its associated geographic coordinates (often expressed as latitude and longitude). With geographic coordinates added, the data can be entered into a Geographic Information System, mapped, interrogated and analysed geographically to deliver a very different view of your data.

Geocoding can be carried out at one of three levels – Postcode or Zipcode, address level with no Postcode, or at premise level based on Ordnance Survey data. Premise level geocoding is needed where location planning or street canvassing requires accurate building locations to be positioned on a map rather than using the location of a postcode which could represent circa twenty properties in the same location.

Removing duplicate records

Did you know there are 27 ways to spell Catherine? And 27 reasons why you may have duplicates in your data! When merging databases, we remove duplicate records both from the individual databases and also from the consolidated master database. In both cases, we stack the data so no information is lost.

Care needs to be taken if using DIY online systems which often have no way to retain data attached to duplicate records, merely retaining the newest record and deleting historical data such as orders and contact details.

Tech4T can also reparent linked files. For example, if a customer is on your database twice with 5 orders attached to each record, we can merge these records into one customer with 10 orders.

Data migration

Whether you’re entering into a data migration project due to a merger or acquisition, or maybe you’re purchasing a new CRM system, Tech4T can help your organisation analyse, improve and control your data to ensure it is right for the new environment. Our data services include deduplication of your data to help you generate maximum value from your new application and restructuring of file formats. For example migrating a five line address into a three line address format.

Special data and analysis projects

Evaluating the best site locationOccasionally you may be presented with a task that doesn’t fit neatly into a ready made solution. For instance, you may want a prospect database building from scratch where there is no existing data. Or you have a spatial analysis task that requires identifying, pairing and allocating business locations from one set of data, to venue locations in a second set of data. Or perhaps you wish to identify records in a transaction database that meet a specific and complex search criteria, transposing the results into a new file to trigger different messages and images in a marketing campaign.  Whatever you need, please call to discuss your challenge as we have a wide range of specialist software and data structuring skills that can usually be creatively applied to provide a cost-effective solution.

Contact Tech4T to see how our data services can solve your data issues or help you gain value from one of your organisation’s most under-used assets – its data.

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