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How well do you know your market and territories?

Over time, markets change. Lifestyle changes lead to the development of new products and services. Existing products become obsolete. Technology advances at an ever faster rate. So how do you keep pace with your target market, understanding changes and making sure your products are still attractive and profitable?

A market analysis and mapping solution can determine the attractiveness, size and profitability of your market, both now and in the future. As a starting point, your organisation will likely hold a wealth of data that can contribute to refining your market and identifying the most profitable segments within it.

However, this data is usually distributed between different departments and systems. Often it’s virtually impossible to bring it all together to give you all the information needed for meaningful strategic analysis on your future path.

Where are my customers by type?Where are the construction customers?Understanding territory sales contributionHeat shading shows sales levels at a glanceHow specific types of customer split across territories e.g construction


A simple renewal date can drive marketing selection to reactivate lapsing customers

To give you clarity, Tech4T can collate all this data, merging it together to give you a central knowledge base for decision making. We work with you to determine what’s relevant and its quality, filling data gaps and enhancing it where necessary. We undertake market analysis and geographic mapping to produce visualisations of your data so you can see at a glance situations not apparent any other way.

Customer, territory and postcode maps

Target prospects, customers, influencers, venues - whatever you need and using map or database tools

We can create postcode or territory maps containing any information you need

We can create postcode or territory maps containing any information you need

Whether you need a map of your customers, stores or competitors, overlaid with territory or postal boundaries, a map showing census or business demographics by postcode, or an in-depth analysis of your product or service for current and potential buyers, Tech4T can help.

We can provide maps in PDF format or deliver through our online Territory Runner system. And we will update your data at your preferred frequency so maps always reflect the latest information. What’s more, we can deliver the intelligence you need to see the big picture, identify trends and patterns, and plan for the future.

We can also define and map territories for direct or field marketing (overlaid with TV, local radio, newspaper distribution areas), for distribution networks or for planning and allocating outsourced work.

Tech4T’s market analysis and mapping services can include any of the following:

Extract from a marketing campaign segmentation system

  • Market size analysis (current and future)
  • Brand and product overview
  • Customer and competitor assessment
  • Custom mapping projects
  • Territory design and mapping to define marketing, distribution, service, sales, support and outsource areas
  • Market growth and demand forecast
  • Campaign response analysis
  • Marketing effectiveness measurement
  • Assessment of routes to market
  • Identification of key success factors
  • Market segmentation
  • Pricing trends

And if you’re entering a new market or have limited data, we can look at industry information and trends and draw meaningful conclusions to guide your decision making.Using a Venn diagram to explore database segments and overlap

As well as traditional statistical analysis, we interrogate your customer and market data geographically with spatial analysis. This gives you the added benefit of visualising the resultant business intelligence in a way just not possible with traditional Business Intelligence systems. Our mix of statistical and spatial analysis, modelling and mapping techniques will identify significant customer and market drivers and shape strategic success activities.


Analysis techniques used by Tech4T to improve customer targeting

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