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A direct marketing case study

Using variable data marketing to improve response rates

The Situation

Our client, a major player in the financial services sector, was issuing a new credit card designed to reward users with points when they shopped. To encourage take-up, the company was employing a direct marketing approach. They wished to include a  map individually personalised to each recipient in the Welcome Pack to be mailed to several million customers.

The map was to show the home location of the cardholder and nearby outlets accepting the card where the recipient had either previously shopped or who stocked products previously purchased elsewhere. The actual outlets would be selected based on the expressed interests and past expenditure of the cardholder – a classic use of behavioural data in direct marketing.

The Solution

Finding the nearest stockists to each customer for a large financial services client

Tech4T analysed the entire customer transaction database to select the most suitable outlets to be highlighted on the map for each individual customer. Selection rules were developed based on proximity to the home location, drive time using the road network, total spend at the outlet, number of transactions made at a given store and information on interests the recipient may have provided.

We then used our advanced mapping software and heavy processing power to create several million map images ready for the printer to insert in the relevant position in each marketing piece for the Welcome Packs. To make the Packs more interesting, we also included statistics relating to each featured outlet relevant to the recipient.

The Result

A very successful launch with take-up of the cards far exceeding all expectations.

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