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Marketing & Prospect Data

Spot and fill gaps in your prospect universe

…both geographically and from a data perspective. We analyse your customers and identify the difference between a poor, average, good or exceptional customer in terms of purchasing patterns and profit contribution to your business. We then identify the characteristics that differentiate them. These characteristics are what is termed a ‘profile’ and for B2B could relate to industry sector, job position of purchaser, size of company, geographic location, their lifestage – new, growing, established, declining, etc. For B2C profile characteristics could include profession, age, gender, ethnicity, geographic location, and so on. We research external data sources to find more of the people or businesses matching those profiles. Finally we merge the new data with your existing customer database and predict sales opportunities and likely income potential.

Marketing data for mail, email, telemarketing and visits

With longstanding relationships with many data suppliers, we research and supply consumer and business data at very competitive rates. We ensure you only purchase the marketing data you need, be it supermarkets, nursing homes, SMEs, retailers, schools and so on. We can filter by employee numbers and Postcode for instance, or age or life stage for consumers.

Selecting the right B2B prospect list data partner was really important to me, I’ve bought data in the past and it hasn’t worked as well as it should. Tech4T worked with me to hone the types of businesses I wanted and helped me make sure that they were in an area that was workable for my franchisee.                                                  Natasha Schofield, MD Grassroots HR 

We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our data; our B2B premium source database is updated by telephone with all records being verified on a six monthly cycle. We can provide full named contact details together with additional variables such as turnover.

If you are unsure about the types of businesses you need, we can match your existing customers against our database to determine the right list selection criteria for you.

Whether you need data for marketing, a sales team or  your franchisees, contact us if you would like a sample or to request a competitive quote.

Census data and consumer demographics

Variables contained within the Census range from household counts, income, social class, house type, tenure and ethnicity to whether householders are likely to drive a car to work. Please contact us to understand whether the many hundreds of Census variables can be used to enhance your target audience understanding.

Additionally, we work with several companies providing powerful consumer classification systems such as Sonar, Mosaic, Cameo, etc. Augmenting your own customer information with the in-depth knowledge supplied by such systems will help you communicate in more relevant ways and deliver the personal experience customers expect today.

Territory Runner, Prospect Edition

We supply prospect data in a spreadsheet format and can group it by sales territory, franchise territory, salesperson or franchisee.

We can also load it into our online Territory Runner system. Within Territory Runner, we can plot and classify your marketing data on a map, and overlay customers, field team base locations and territory boundaries.  Territory Runner will support your campaign planning and execution. You can see on a map where your prospects are physically located in relation to customers or sites for example.

Territory Runner gives marketers access to all their data


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