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Marketing Software

Territory Runner, Marketing Edition

Marketing software - Territory Runner gives marketers access to all their dataTerritory Runner is powerful marketing software with fully integrated mapping technology to support your marketing campaign planning, execution and response measurement. This online system with secure pass-worded access enables your marketing team, external teams such as telemarketing, and salespeople in the field to all have access to the same system.  Data views and permissions – who can see what data, and what are they allowed to do with it – can all be customised to suit your business.

FastStats Marketing Data Analysis & Automation SoftwareMKarketing software - FastStats Peoplestage

The FastStats™ suite of marketing analysis products provides access to a consolidated view of information held by your business, enabling you to understand your customers in-depth. FastStats provides fast, visual and truly easy to use data analysis with an intuitive drag and drop interface. Wizards guide you through powerful analysis, making it easy for non-technical users to get the answers they need. FastStats is proven in over 300 installations with thousands of users worldwide. FastStats can handle all the big data required for modern direct and digital marketing.

Free lead generation, customer development and sales planning calculatorsCustomer planning calculator

Free tools for simple ‘what-if’ planning around sales operations planning and field team sizing and activities.

It seems that lots of you found our old calculators quite useful when it came to planning sales and territory structures, developing customer value and defining lead generation strategies. So here they are suitably updated. Please note. You will need Adobe Flash Player to view and use our calculators.

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