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Territory Runner, Marketing Edition

Territory Runner – Marketing Database Software

Territory Runner – powerful marketing database software with fully integrated mapping technology to support your marketing campaign planning, execution and response measurement.

Whether you want to recruit new customers, retain or re-engage existing ones or execute cross/up-sell strategies, Territory Runner enables you to segment and filter your customers and prospects however you wish, then view selections both in a list and on the map interface. On the map, alongside your selections, you can view places of interest to your organisation such as specific types of businesses, schools, hospitals, competitors, clubs.

Territory Runner gives marketers access to all their data

Territory Runner is an online system with secure pass-worded access. Your marketing team, external teams such as telemarketing, and salespeople in the field can all have access to the same system. Data views and permissions – who can see what data, and what are they allowed to do with it – can all be customised to suit your business.

Its the ideal campaign management software for teams tasked with generating leads for a sales team, making appointments, organising seminars and supporting sales people in the field.

As well as customer and prospect data, Territory Runner can be supplied loaded with sales territory boundaries and business or consumer statistics. All for easy planning and organisation of lead generation campaigns for specific sales  areas, retail catchments or franchise territories.

Customised to suit the way your business works and its terminology, Territory Runner marketing software gives you:

  • Your customer and prospect information in one place
  • Precision targeting – make marketing selections combining any number of  segments
  • Demographic and business statistics to let you view market potential geographically
  • Your customers, prospects, territories, competitors and so on displayed on the integrated map
  • Bulk export of selections and segments for direct mail, email, telemarketing
  • Management of campaigns, promotions, literature and database segments
  • Management of leafleting campaigns at street level
  • Full reporting suite including campaign costs and results
  • Collection/viewing in the field of documents and photographs

Contact Tech4T for a demonstration of Territory Runner or for more information on how you can use your marketing database for maximum effectiveness.

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