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Single customer view database

Improve the return on your marketing investment with an accurate “single customer view database”

Targeting the right customers is all important.  But often it can be difficult to identify which customers are truly valuable in a database. Name and address variations lead to duplicate entries for the same company. Total order value and trading history is effectively hidden. Apparently low value customers often turn out to be very important. Conversely, the reverse can be true when, say, returns or the time taken to service a customer are taken into account.A single customer view gives you the complete picture on which to target with precision

To rectify this, Tech4T can create an enhanced “single customer view database” – pulling together data from any of your company systems to create a centralised source of information for marketing and sales designed to deliver the personalised experiences that grow revenue and retain ideal customers.

We consolidate and analyse your customers’ trading behaviour, interests and marketing responses, then translate this data into niche customer segments that drive highly personalised email, web and direct mail communications.

Whether you have customers, members, visitors, donors, investors, subscribers, we can help you:

  • Re-activate dormant customers with offers based on trading history
  • Acquire customers at lower cost through more responsive prospect lists
  • Manage customer relationships better by reducing the risk of ill-timed communications – for instance offers about a product just bought rather than an offer for something to accompany the original purchase
  • Increase response rates to your promotions with offers based on customer interests and buying patterns
  • Plan customer retention strategies based on customer lifetime worth, both historical and potential
  • Profile customers by their purchasing behaviour
  • Target campaigns to maximise cross and up-sell opportunities
  • Cut mailing, telemarketing and visit costs with response modelling

Using a single customer view to reveal otherwise hidden insights An up-to-date single customer view database will improve targeting, ensure marketing content is relevant and increase response. It enables true 1-2-1 marketing (sometimes called variable data marketing) which will help you stop competing on price, increase margins and optimise product levels.

Testimonial – European Database Development

“We identified a need to unify records from 13 countries, establishing a common format at the same time. We needed a data partner capable of working across Europe to undertake this complex project. During evaluation the Tech4T team demonstrated a real concern for quality and a keen eye for detail, and was subsequently appointed. 

EMC logoThe project ran smoothly and to schedule. Tech4T’s dedication and concern for detail were highly professional and everyone involved in the project at EMC felt complete confidence. The database is now operational, on time and on budget, and Tech4T played a large part in its success, with concise reports, good quality work and good presentation throughout.”

Bill Kandohla, Business Development Manager, EMC

Always be up-to-date

Tech4T can build a single customer view from a copy of your operational data. We augment this with external data and feed the complete and enhanced customer knowledge into systems such as FastStats, Territory Runner, or bespoke systems
We can host and up-date your “single customer view” database, refreshing the data at a frequency to suit your business so decisions and actions are based on the most current information available. We take care of all the data work so you don’t have to worry about it. You and your team can have online access to interrogate your data, plan marketing and sales campaigns, select lists and analyse responses. Alternatively, Tech4T can do some or all of this work for  you, defining the best selections for a campaign, delivering lists to your printer or email provider and analysing responses.

And if you’re an agency, we can manage client data on your behalf, delivering back to you all the information you need to make your campaigns more successful and for reporting to your clients. We’re happy to work behind the scenes or partner you in client meetings.

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