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Variable Data Marketing

What is variable data marketing?

Tech4T can examine purchase history to determine the relevant triggers to drive a personalised marketiing communicationVariable data marketing is an extremely powerful method of promoting customer engagement. It should not be confused with personalised marketing as it is a much more granular method of marketing. It allows both images and text in a marketing communication to be tailored to match the history and interests of each individual (not just database fields such as name).

You decide what you want in your marketing communications. Then using our unique analysis methodologies, Tech4T create the electronic files linking your behavioural data such as purchase history or campaign responses to each recipient. Multiple pieces of data can be linked. We then produce the files ready for your digital printer, email provider or digital marketeer to insert the graphics and text relevant to each recipient so they get the personal experience customers today have come to expect.

Ensure your customers feel valued. Make it clear you know what interests them, what they’ve bought or enquired about, make really helpful suggestions for places to visit in line with their interests.

Add in variable data maps

And to make your marketing even more effective, consider adding variable data maps. Communications with these personalised  maps have been shown to generate a 40% higher response* than those which contain a static map or no map at all.

Personalised maps increase campaign response and customer loyalty

Personalised map showing 5 nearest locations by type to customer's home locationTech4T create these individual map images overlaid with totally variable content driven by information known about an individual recipient, reflecting interests, preferences, past purchases and enquiry requests. We have developed a ‘rules engine’ which enables us to filter which customers to select, what constaints to apply – such as distance, driving time, number or type of locations, and where for example there could be a choice of outlets to include, we can automatically prioritise which to show based on prior sales patterns or anything else.

Images can be produced in batches ranging from just a few hundred to tens of millions.  Any number of rules on what to display for each recipient can be applied. Electronic data files are delivered ready for your printer or email provider to include in your marketing material.

These attention-getting personalised maps break through the clutter of generic mail and email. They are ideal for loyalty packs, product launches, event or ‘welcome’ campaigns, your maps could display …Individually personalised map example

  • Leisure venues and attractions nearest home locations
  • Nearest stores, offices, stockists
  • Nearest locations where coupons can be redeemed
  • Reference sites where your product or service is used

And if you want to drive traffic to a specific landing page, dynamically changing map content can be included here too.

See how a major financial services company used variable data maps in their “Welcome Pack”.

*Source: Graphic Arts Monthly – The campaign used a control group that received only name and address personalisation. Recipients of the customised map generated 40% higher response rates and went on to spend twice as much on merchandise at the advertised store.

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