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For one client, sales territory mapping, design and optimisation has delivered a 30% uplift in field-sales productivity compared to their historic geographic territory allocations…here’s how.

Field Sales Territory Design, Territory Mapping, Geographic Mapping

A carefully planned and scientific Territory Design is the single biggest change you can make to significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of any field force. A bold statement but let us consider some facts:

  • The average business employs multiple field based personnel, spending 40%-50% of their time driving, not selling.
  • Customer allocations could mean that in the course of a week they cross over each others patches – resulting in duplicated effort, travelling too far.
  • Field sales people leave and join creating gaps and overlaps in sales coverage.
  • Each field-sales rep or agent has a finite capacity to be engaged in profitable face-to-face activity.

A carefully thought-out territory structure aligned squarely to your business objectives can also have a truly transformational effect on your business and the morale of the field force. Clients who engage Tech4T to review and re-design their field sales territories often see double digit improvements in productivity and performance including;

  • More visits per head per day, increasing area coverage, reducing time spent driving or moving off patch.
  • Eliminate rep cross-over.
  • Redress the balance between time spent account managing and prospecting.
  • Manage organisational restructure or recruit in the right areas to service opportunities.
  • Deliver a repeatable standard model that the field sales people execute against daily.
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Our scientific approach to sales territory mapping and design shows how your current field sales territory structure is performing.

Here's an example of how Geographic Mapping can be used to highlight gaps and overlaps in field-sales coverage.

Geographic Mapping can be used to highlight gaps and overlaps in sales coverage. To see what your picture looks like call 01733 890 790.

We can help you identify any gaps and where improvements can be made.

Things change over time, people come and go, customers are won and lost, new products developed, consequently your geographic territory areas need to stay in sync with business evolution too.

Armed with specialist territory mapping software and passionate about what they do, our experts can work with you to design an optimised sales territory structure tailored to your business needs.

Information is presented back to our stakeholders at each step of the process via our unique geographic analysis and exploration software, dataSCOPE allowing you to interact with and explore your territories and information relating to structure, performance and allocations.

Visualising information in this way allows our clients to make key decisions fast.

Field sales rep workload analysis Using our software outputs we can help sales directors easily analyse rep workload to aid planning decisions.

Our four step model helps guide our clients to the best sales territory design for their business.

1. Market

Territory plan, how to carve up geographic areas, steps to take, Tech4T, design, territory maps

Our first starting point, we look at your existing customers, what their purchasing and engagement behaviours look like over time and how they’ve interacted with you.

We then look externally at the prospect universe, where they are geographically how they compare to your existing customers and what level of opportunity they represent.

2. Resource

Setting a high bar is a good thing, but if you set unrealistic expectations of the field force managers, failure is inevitable.

Tech4T examine where reps are positioned and their ability to meet the demands of the itinerary and call frequency required to engage them.

This step also reveals interesting facts about where gaps and overlaps in coverage are, where you might need to recruit or position additional sales force members.

An example of our dataSCOPE business intelligence software application. Territories and infromation within can be easily explored via the map interface

An example of our dataSCOPE business intelligence software application. Territories and infromation within can be easily explored via the map interface

3. Structure

The structure is how geographically the field sales team territory will be aligned to deliver the business objective and the budget.

This is the map that will be placed on the sales manager’s office wall. (These days we prefer to deliver it back via our dataSCOPE application!)

There’s often no clear cut right or wrong answer here.

Time needs to be taken to explore different scenarios as to how territories can be defined geographically to secure team buy-in.

For each scenario created by our analysis you will be able to explore the territory structure and impact via our dataSCOPE business intelligence software as part of our service to you.

4. Action

Geographic Sales Territory Mapping Sales Territory Design

Action relates to how each individual field sales manager will carry-out their daily duties. Which customers will be seen, when and in which order. Also how prospects will be allocated and weaved into the sales diary. Taking advantage of the sales related technology available to us we can deliver a daily visit and route plan that can be followed on a tablet such as in iPad out in the field.

If you would like to speak to someone about sales territory mapping or would like to review your current field-sales territories please do not hesitate to give us a call directly on 01733 890 790 or use our contact form to get in touch with us.




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