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Sizing Your Field Team

Field team sizing – how many people do I need on the road?

If you’re managing a sales (or service team), many factors impact the field team sizing. You want all customers and prospects to receive appropriate coverage, the right mix of  products to be sold, and the field force to be stretched but not overworked.

Aligning these goals to achieve the correct sales and field force structure is the core of Tech4T’s business. Examining the current scenario, your customers, team capacity and workload, we answer such questions as:

  • What is the best approach to take to size field sales teams?
  • How can we cut out low potential visits and make more sales with our current headcount?Sizing field sales teams - sizing the optimal field sales team and field sales locations
  • How can we reduce headcount without impacting on customer coverage and service?
  • Where geographically should we increase headcount to maximise new business opportunity?
  • How can we ensure key customers get the right level of service to prevent encroachment from competitors?
  • How should we structure the field force to best support the product knowledge customers’ demand?
  • What impact will any changes to the field sales force have on sales support and marketing?

Sizing field sales teams – scenario modelling

It can be difficult to know if your team/s can fit in all the activity required to achieve revenue and/or customer service targets. Many things eat into the time available for actual visits – travel, administration, holidays, training, illness. Unless this is taken into account when planning activity, your team/s are likely to fall short of expectations.

Our approach to sizing a field sales team helps you define the optimum field force structure – whether a single national team, localised product-focused teams or a more complex structure comprising multiple teams that may incorporate key account and product specialists, new business development and sales/service support.

To understand if your field force sizing is accurate, and your team correctly positioned with sufficient capacity, Tech4T undertake workload-to-resource modelling. We work with you to review varying scenarios, adjusting parameters to arrive at the best possible solution for the size and structure of your field force, including cost and travel projections for the number of employees needed.

This will show you whether or not the current teams (field sales, product specialists, service team, brand ambassadors, field marketing, assessors, engineers…) are the right size and in the right locations to make the required number of visits.

Contact us today to see how we can help you improve your field sales team’s performance.

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