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Territory Design & Mapping

Territory Mapping – analysis, design & team alignment

Territory DesignHaving sales territories that enable your target customers and prospects to be visited at the right frequency will deliver significant increases in both sales and team efficiency.

This is irrespective of the size of your field team!

The benefits of undertaking a review and realignment of your sales territories can be substantial – increasing productive sales visits by 25% or more when coupled with the right activity planning, customer targeting and compensation plan.

Why Territory Mapping?

Poor sales territory design kills productivity. The field team can waste valuable selling time travelling around their territory and visiting the wrong people instead of making productive calls. In contrast, an optimal sales territory alignment reflects your company’s strategy, helps deliver on sales quotas and is effective for your team in the field. It will bring many benefits …

Sales Territory Mapping. Understanding sales territory alignment to market potential

  • Improved segmentation to identify those accounts or prospects with the highest sales potential
  • Rationalised sales territories with a better allocation of the right customers and prospects
  • Balanced and more fairly distributed workload
  • More sales visits per rep per day
  • Increased sales and customer satisfaction
  • A focus on more profitable customers
  • More efficient travel and lower costs
  • Extended customer and prospect coverage

To develop an optimal territory design for your field team requires far more than mapping. It requires a deep understanding of your sales and marketing plans, customer value, potential and channel analysis, team skills, field logistics and more. These are areas where we have the hard-won expertise to help.

Whether you’re making changes to your sales territories or service areas, reorganising a national team or merging multiple teams, contact us here or call us on 01733 890790.   

Testimonial – Sales Territory Design

123 Send Logo“We knew that to ensure the success of our new field based sales force, we needed a company that we could partner with and trust. Tech4T delivered everything that they promised (and more), they had the quality of approach and focus that made the whole process run smoothly and delivered everything on time and to budget. Graham and the team come highly recommended.”

James Coe, Head of Sales, 123 Send Ltd.

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