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Territory Mapping For Sales

Our Approach to Sales Territory Mapping

Sales Territory Mapping

UK and Northern Ireland Territory Design

At Tech4T, we know that optimising your field sales operations is critical to growth. Central to this is Sales Territory Mapping and analysis which are key capabilities for identifying sales opportunities in the locations you’re targeting.

Your Business Objectives

Many factors influence the productivity and effectiveness of your sales team and Tech4T take these into account in mapping sales territories.

Our starting point is understanding your business objectives, any sales or products targets, your market size and current penetration. We also delve deep into the mechanics of your team – do some sales people need specialised skills, do you have a key account structure, is there a current customer segmentation scheme, where do sales leads come from?

Benefits of Sales Territory Mapping

Some benefits of our Sales Territory Design service:

  • Optimum costs to get a sale vs. sales value achieved
  • A more effective sales team visiting more people likely to give an order
  • Improved granular customer segmentation with customers allocated to a sales channel in line with their value to your company -maybe telesales instead of field team for instance
    mapping sales territories

    Territory Map with Customer Segments

  • Easy visualisation of territory coverage with analytics giving you an understanding of whether it is worth trying to penetrate parts of a territory where there is poor coverage
  • Improved customer retention with higher value customers being visited at the right intervals
  • Improve team morale and reduced staff turnover
  • Cost reductions in travel, fuel and recruitment
  • Confidence in data-based decision making

Client Testimonial

“Doing an area manager re balance for over 850 sites throughout the UK and Ireland is quite a daunting task. Following a few telephone conversations with the team at Tech4T to discuss their methodology, I was convinced the team could work at speed and deliver the requirements on time and in full.

I am really pleased with the output which will have an immensely positive impact on our operational efficiency.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Tech4T when it comes to sales team and territory alignment. Thank you”


Chris McCandless. Director of Central Operations, Poundland.

Tech4T Services

In designing sales territories, our process consist of 5 main steps:

  • Customer profiling
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Sales channel allocation
  • Workload calculation
  • Territory mapping

During your project, interim results are discussed with you to determine the best way forward for your organisation before moving on to the next work stage.

Territory Runner Software

Territory Runner showing Mapping of Customer Segments

As well as the final sales territories, often interim analysis results are visualised in our Territory Runner Software to help you more easily assess the current situation and the impact of the decisions you need to make. You’ll be able to visualise your customers, sales territories, your salespeople and their relationships to customers, gaining sales insights at a glance rather than looking at rows of spreadsheet data.


If you would like us to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales team through mapping sales territories mapping, call 01733 890790, emails us or fill out an enquiry form.

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