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Case Studies M&A

  • Our Client, a leading global provider of payment services, needed detailed analysis and scenario modelling on their options in combining two disparate sales forces. The first team was 95 strong, the second 41. A legacy issue existed as both teams had allocated territories that had grown organically. The first issue was to design what was informally used in the past and then optimise these territories for the present and future business objectives. Our results showed them a range of options based upon the comprehensive factors we jointly designed.
  • This client is a well known UK Merchant Banking Group. Once their target was acquired, we laid out the most efficient implementation scenarios taking account of the specialist knowledge, customer accounts and relationships, opportunities and territories of their specialist sales staff. Duplication and geographic gaps were identified having taken into account past and present customers but also future potential as they had no wish to restrict future growth. The new ‘right sized’ team was approximately 40% slimmer than before.
  • A well known UK retailer had a team of 35 area managers to support over 800 branches. Inputs included branch locations, turnover, the managers’ locations and drive time limits. We presented our conclusions which the client implemented and achieved the desired coverage with 24 managers.
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