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Visit scheduling & route planning improves field force efficiency by 25%

Adopting scientific approaches to visit scheduling and route planning are two sure-fire ways of improving the efficiency of your field force and increasing sales rep daily visit quotas by 25% or more in some cases.

Often field based sales people are too busy to plan their call cycles and journeys effectively and dynamically. Some rely on intuition, simply being in the locale or having a target to hit. In most cases it’s a manual process carried out in the office or at home using a calendar and an online map.  Either way, time spent planning by them or driving for too many hours is time that could be better spent in front of your key customers and prospects doing what they do best.

Visit scheduling and journey planning is all about making sure that sales people are having enough engaging conversations with the right people at the right time. Here’s how we do it.

We first consider all the variables involved in making the right decisions about where your reps should be going and when:

Visit scheduling, route planning improves sales rep efficiency by 25%

Prioritise Schedules For Each Rep

Our sophisticated software and analysis engines allow us to consider all this information concurrently for each rep for any given period. This detailed model results in a balanced day by day picture showing exactly who needs to be seen, when and in which priority order to make the most of available selling time. No more guess work.

Optimise Your Route Straight to Mobile

Visit schedules and route plans can be sent straight to handheld devices for use in the field clearly showing each day’s workload and the optimum route.  Our Territory Runner application also contains visit scheduling and routing functions which can be accessed from any web enabled device.

If you’d like to find out how we could help you achieve extra visits per rep per week, and reduce their drive and planning time, please get in touch using our contact form or directly, 01733 890 790.


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